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Stopped 4 days ago + 5:30 hours

I quit all by myself 4 days ago, and I confess it's really hard :( . I was looking for some support, and found this forum.. I smoked since the age of 13, now I'm 51 and tried to stop twice, but to no results.. Hope I find here some help.

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Wow Sylvi!!!

That is one hell of an accomplishment!!

It is tough x x but not this tough for long x x you are going through the worst day at the mo it hits us around day 3 ~ 5

It isn't a long time for the benefits you gain x x

Will you not consider some nicotine gum or patches to help you through?

Welcome on board, you're doing fantastic x x ~Buffy x x


Thank you, Buffy

I prefer to do it naturally, so no patches or nicotine gums... I drink lots of water or diet cold drinks, and always have with me some sugar free candies. I was told that fruit is also good. It's just that there are moments that nothing seems to help, so I'm looking for natural tips, what must I do? I really prefer to be natural if possible :confused:


find a new hobby? like drawing, walking, arts n crafts etc?

I found the gym :D loving it !!

The thing is to find something that you can just go and do to 'snap out of it!' when times are hard!!

And rewarding yourself frequently!! of course!!

I have just walked out of the flat before now!! once round the block and all is well x x

I am a cold turkey myself this time albeit forced through illness, previously I have used NRT


Walking out is a good idea, thanks!

I was reading around and saw that crying is a symptom, well I cry very easily.. when is it supposed to lighten a little? or does it last for long? :(


It depends on the individual of course x x

more often that not,

And if there are no other underlying problems,

it passes within 1 - 2 weeks

x x ~Buffy x x


Hi Sylvi and welcome aboard! 124

We all find that just coming on here and sharing our experiences and just chatting helps alot.

You need to try and change your routine as much as you can, try different things to drink instead of tea or coffee, someone mentioned that lemon juice in water was good for taking the cravings away and has vit C as well.

Do like Buffy said and try to find things to fill your time and things to do wth your hands, Knitting, crochet, painting, reading, typing on here anything to take your mind off smoking.

Good Luck,

just remember it gets easier with every day!

Befly x x


welcome Silvi

Congrats on your quit we are almost the same age I was 50 in jan. I will get a lot easyer once you are past the first few days so stick with it and keep posting Linda xxxx




Way to go!!!!!! Stay Strong!!!


Thank you

I thank all of you for the warm welcome, I really hope it will pass soon. I wish you all success in this too.


Day 4 and feel hard done by.

Day 4 :confused: not sleeping too well, getting up too early, got up at 5.30am today couldn’t sleep and all I want to do is eat, had loads of grapes and sugar snap peas cos don’t want to put on weight.

Keep pottering about in the garden doing bits weeding and tidying up most of today.

Drank loads of cups of coffee, and feeling hunger most the time, its not been too bad today getting better not thinking about cigs as much but its up and down.

When will it get out my system, just want to get through each day smoke free and its killing me at times.:(

I feel so un-happy most the time and my head seems to forget what im doing:eek:

Welcome Sylvi and good luck you will get loads of support from everyone on this site were all doing it together


Hi Roxy

So sorry your having a bad day but alot of people find day 4 very hard nicoteen is leaving your body should feel loads better tomorrow. Also a number of quitters say they feel at sixes and sevens that will soon pass your doing so well keep strong things will improve promise Linda xxx


Oh thanks Linda I really hope so it helps knowing everyone is in the same boat with quitting feelings and love to hear other that have succeeded gives me courage knowing its gonna pass and do well like others have

Just a killer trying to get past the hard bit.



Welcome Sylvi

You're doing fantastic.... Keep going..... We're all here for you.....

Hooray and cheers for you.

Dear Roxy

I'm not sleeping either - I have put a thread about this morning under general with some useful tips coz it does suck bad ...I have black panda eyes and trunks now...but once in bed I just toss and turn all the while. And then I'm drinking red bull during the day to cope which is not good but no choice. I think tonight I'm just going to stay up until I feel I want to go to sleep rather than forcing myself to go to bed at times I'm not ready.

You're doing brilliantly stick with it - you're not alone. I have felt crxx the last two days but the guys here are fab and we all help each other out - you know how it is.

Keep coming back to us Roxy.


Big Hugs to you both



Thanks Poppyfairy will take a look at the tips under general, hope you sleep well tonight xx Big Hugs to you too


Thanks Roxy

It's just one step at a time. I've been feeling a bit tearful today but I think it's because I'm tired yet can't sleep. So I've been listening to some seriously good sounds - got Embrace on at the moment - and been getting loads of distraction with that and enjoying the good music. Have you got an mp3/ipod/stereo? I think you should get your really favourite music also - all those tracks you loved in your teens etc.

Give it a go - a trip down memory lane is always great with music you enjoy.

Big Hugs



Thanks Poppyfairy, will try it, will do ought for a restful mind away from Nicotine :(

Just ran a nice hot bubble bath gonna take a long soak in it with my music on blasting sounds good.:)

Will catch you all later if I don’t fall a sleep and drown in it. :eek:


Hi Sylvi,

You are making the best decision of your life in quiting smoking.

soon you will be able to breathe.

I found that getting as much air into my lungs as possible helped, walking was good for me.

Wish you all the best


smoke free since march 8 :D 30 a day, 20 years


keep going sylvi, and I think everyone has felt very emotional.

Your doing great!

Try and get plenty of sleep, your body will be going through a tremendous change and needs time to recover. I slept loads in the first couple of weeks and when I got emotional I went to bed for a good cry.



I prefer to do it naturally, so no patches or nicotine gums... I drink lots of water or diet cold drinks, and always have with me some sugar free candies. I was told that fruit is also good. It's just that there are moments that nothing seems to help, so I'm looking for natural tips, what must I do?

I'm keeping a bowl of dried fruit and nuts next to me.. I nibble all day and it seems to help..:D

Good luck Sylvi and keep strong. :)


I want to thank all of you for your kind posts and welcoming. I'm on my first week and it hasn't been easy. Sleepless nights, much crying :( but I'll keep trying. Thank you.


*hugs* Sylvi x x x x

It will get easier and you have come so far x x

Well Done x x Stay strong x x ~Buffy x x


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