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17 weeks and still ill

Hi everyone,

Just thought i would post an update i previoulsy posted before staying that since stoping i have been ill with colds, chest infections ect.

To be honest health wise i have never been as bad all my adult life and again over the last 2 weeks been ill again.

Starts with a really sore throat then fever runny nose then onto my chest so i went to docs and he sent me for a chest xray so i am just waiting results.

I think it will be fine but must admit i sick of feeling ill i know in the long run my health will be improved from stoping but when know one can tell me.

When i say to people how i feel i think they think i am looking for an excuse to go back smoking however if anything it makes me want to stay stopped more. I just wish i felt some more benifits physically although i do financially since stoping my partner has been saving my money from smoking.

And he informs me i have over £700 which is fantastic as i am going to egypt in 3 weeks so its my spending money.

Anyway just wanted abit of a moan and fingers crossed maybe some sun will do me good.

Thanks sally

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Hi sally, sorry you not feeling well, im sure your chest x ray will come back fine and I think sometimes it can take longer to feel the benefits health wise for some people but you are so right not to want to smoke again.

It could also be that you are just run down and in need of a good holiday which you are due to go on and because you done so well quitting you now have lots of spending money, well done in saving up and swapping ash for cash!

Hope you feel better soon and keep posting:)



Hi Sally :D

Sorry you feel poorly again, having these colds etc seems to be normal for lots of us though,my Dr told me it was beacuse the immune system is damaged by smoking apparently it has had to work harder while we smoked so when we stop filling it with all those chemicals it has a job to cope with it for a while

Hope this helps and am sure you'll soon start to feel more of the benefits of your quit

Enjoy your holiday to Egypt with all that extra money to spend and the sun will also help you to feel better


Marg xxxxxxxx


Still ill

I gave up on the 28th Dec 2008 and I am still experiencing illness.

This is my fourth attempt at giving up and each time I have been ill.

So far I am still experiencing nausea, pain in my side and indegestion!!

Doc says the same, its my body making a recovery after putting in chemicals for years!!

You are right, when you speak to people about it, they think you are looking for the excuse to start again!!


Hi Sally

Sorry you feel so bad, I was told by NHS Nurse that some people do get quite poorly when they stop, so hopefully you will soon have had it all and feel really good, its all that muck clearing out.

Well done 17 weeks is great. Enjoy your beautiful holiday you deserve it.



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