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No Smoking Day
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Howdy 18th week (17 now done)

This'll probably be my last weekly update on here for a while. Now done 17 weeks, and just starting week 18. I'm also on my last week of my 4th month too.. and next week will begin my 5th... time seems to be passing by nicely.

I've had the odd days that have been more challenging than others.. but when i weigh it up. it was life stresses, things outside of my own control and while i did 'think' about how i would have smoked under those circumstances before, i pretty much decided straight away that smoking would not help stress for me any more except probably add to it.

Keep the faith folks.. and any new quitters or folk perhaps having a bit of a rough time right now? hang in there.. it does get better n easier.

Roll on wednesday :)



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Hi Jase :D

Great into week 18 well done Big Hug for you


Marg xxx


Very well done Jase

Your almost on month 5 great work My friend.xxxxxx


Well done Jase, wishing you many more, enjoyed your posts.



Well done Jase on 5 months :)

The time seems to have flown past.

Keep posting and helping people with their quits and good luck on yours.



Nearly 4 months done!! Well done mate.

Hope you do keep up posting - I find your messages very encouraging.



Hehe i don't post anywhere near as much as i used to due to some previous comments some months back fella, but i do post where i see someone needs urgent help :)

I lurk alot on here though, and do generally login if i do a reply.


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