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No Smoking Day
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Knock, Knock May I Come in?

I have made it to 4 months :D

Have just read the post from Lisa Oscar, thought it was great. She says (and Jim agrees) she does not think about smoking very much any more and that if we still do at around 6 months we should look at what we are thinking and change it, wise words I think - also something to look forward to. Reading posts ahead of me always leaves me feeling there is better to come :)

I still think about smoking at month 4 but not with the same intensity, have others felt like this?

My husband still smokes but he never does it around me nor in the house. Every other time I stopped he did too but this time not. I kind of think, and read something about being around people who smoke, that this makes it harder, but I get to learn to let it pass.

I have COPD so I do not have any choice about stopping. I feel better since I stopped, but because I am already quite breathless I don't feel the benefits quite as much as I would if I had done it sooner. I guess this is a lesson to us all, do not wait until the damage is done. I stayed in denial, not accepting smoking "did this to me" until I had to give up work, was no longer able to join in on activities etc etc, until one day it broke my heart, I had depression and anxiety as well and I knew I had to stop. Did it, and the anxiety went away, that was also a blessing it was horrible. I then found this site another blessing, I read every day and don't feel so alone. I am hoping this is letting out all my feelings from deep inside so that from here I get to heal a day at a time.

I thank you all for your sharing and caring.

Jackie x

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Hi Jackie :D

Great post there and well done you on 4 months quit





Fantastic Post!! and well done on 4 month's... that's a fabulous achievement!!


I love reading the threads later than I am posting, but I always feel unable to post if its advice needed, so I am not sure re the craving! It has gotten easier now I am two months though! Not that thats any good to you! I am sorry that you COPD. It is a disease I had not heard of until 6 months ago and I think it is good to post such a story to make others aware too. You stopped, which is brilliant, but that must have a hard thing to do with your husband still smoking. Do you not get mad at him for still doing it? My husband smokes and I get very grumpy and frightened that he is still chuffing away. Anyway, stay positive, 4 months is terrific!!! xxx


Congratulation, Jackie and thank you for sharing! I'm only 2 months in and yes.... I do think about smoking still but way less..... I am hoping for a day of not thinking of fags at all soon! I'm using a hypnosis cd to help clear my head of them :D You take care of yourself!!


Thank you Marg and Slinky for your support.

Thanks Fionafox - I found it a bit difficult at first with my husband still smoking but I dont get angry with him. I know what it is like to have people trying to get me to stop smoking and I hated it, I need to leave him to make his own choice and I am sure, as he has done before, he will make a good one. He is very good to me.

Thanks Bellablue think I will try to get an hypnosis cd or book, sounds like a good idea.

Jackie x


Hi jackie, a truly lovely post, well done on your quit so far, and thanks for sharing your quit on here, each person has their own reasons and sometimes you read a story that really hits home, so again well done you are an inspiration. x



Tracey, thank you for your support it is most appriciated.

I wish you great luck with your stopping.

Jackie x


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