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Knock knock, I'm here

Wow, entering month 6 today. Who would have thought. Still can't believe how many times I think about cigarettes and (mentally) crave one. However these thoughts are becoming easier to say NO to so that's good. I really hope it continues to become easier each day/week/month.

To celebrate this milestone I'm going running tonight with my son, we'll probably keep it short 5k or 6k at most. The best part is doing this with my son, the second best part is that he and I consider this a short run these days.

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Canwes you're already a winner even before the marathon starts!!! Massive well done and thank you for posting.I need to continue to read posts like yours to be able to keep going with my ordeal.

I will get there but for now is one day at the time,very slowly...

As for you, never put your guards down, keep smiling and saying no, Mr niko will eventually give up knocking on your door. Xxxx


Huge congratulations Canwes and well done, 6 months is terrific and hopefully I will get to type this milestone on here. It must be some sense of achievement and emotion to celebrate going running with your son and I am sure you will cherish it, congratulations again, I will come back to this post as made me happy :)


Fantastic achievement Canwes and Well Done to you.

6 months seems such a long way off to me as I'm only at the 7 weeks starting point so I've got a lot of running to do before I get to where you are - I'm so envious of you.

To have come as far as you have proves that you don't need smoking to be able to enjoy life.


I'm sure you will soon forget that smoking was ever a part of your life or at least feel elated that you're over it now.

You've lost nothing and you've gained so much.

Best wishes. xx


Thanks everyone for all the kind words. Just to be clear I'm starting my 6th month of being smoke free, My quit was May 20th this year.

Don't tell Hercu but the main reason I'm not smoking is because I can't have him pass me, he's only a few weeks behind. Never surrender!


LOL! Brillant Canwes!


Canwes .. Very very well done and thank you for the guidance and breaking the path for me to follow..and I still hope I never catch you !!

So please you must never smoke again for two reasons: 1) then I have got nobody to follow and 2) then I will pass you!!


Great work! I still think about smoking at least once a day (after smoking for over 40 years, hardly surprising), you cant deny the past. The good news is, there is absolutely no urge, desire or compulsion to smoke. At all. It will come to pass.


Esso ..Thank you for the inspiration.....Yes I have almost smoked the same period, 38 for me, which is a lifetime and to change that was and still is not easy but such a wonderful new experience not to smoke... All the small things in life we missed is now obvious ....I like it !!


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