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knock knock lemme in pretty please :)


Well hello everyone , how are we all doing this fine day?, I have no idea why I feel so cheery this morning. Had about 4 hours sleep, and my mouth was in agony all night.

I had been reading other people's stories thinking wow, all these people are struggling to sleep and I'm sleeping like a baby. That all changed last night lol. I have a full day with work and a course today so hopefully that will tire me out so I sleep tonight.

Apart from that, nothing else to report ( except how pleased I am to get to day 8 lol)

Speak to u all soon, keep up the good work. :D

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Oh blackrose

How good are you, yeh sleep is something I found didn't come easy and most nites found myself up and drinking camomile tea just to make it happen, you are doing so well, it doesn't matter his many times we try to kick this habit, it's when we stop trying we have the biggest problem, I have resorted to ecigs cos there is no way I can do it any other way at the moment, I don't feel to guilty because it's one day at a time , I know I have not smoked 2800 cigs in the last 5 months so that makes me happy,it's whatever works for you so go girl, keep up the good work you can do this

HercuValued Contributor

Blackrose.... Love the sparkle and positivity...that might be the reason you are on day 8 and enjoying it....Nice !!


Great to see the enthusiasm! When I was at that time of the quit, I programmed my day to go to bed very early, camomile tea beside de bed, headphones on with some very calming sounds and I started drawing, which is a hobby

I also did this to survive the Sundays without murdering my partner and children...I stopped caffeine completely, went back to the caffeine last week but I'm stopping tomorrow again as it clearly affects the quit. I would go through 7 or 8 shots of very strong coffee a day easily... If not more. Stay strong buddy!

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Word of advice... Well what I've learned this quit, stay away from junk food, sugary food and coffees, not because of the weight but because it increases the cravings frequency and severity.

Good morning everyone. Thank you for all your words of encouragement. I slept really well last night. I bought caffeine free tea bags and only had them after 6pm. Can't believe how hungry I am ALL the time lol. I've been trying to put weight on since I was16 so hopefully not smoking is the key.

Well done quitting with the ecig jillibean, I tried so many times, don't know why I couldn't do it. My ecig was in my hand constantly, my other half has got one now. It's still sitting on the shelf lol.

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