Knock knock who's there?


Who would have thought it eh? Me into the fourth month mark :eek:

So yes i have had a reasonable 1-3 months of no smoking so now i am thinking that month 4-5 is going to be the non eating months.

Yeah right... me go with out food..........

hope everyone is well and staying strong?

Thank you all once again for all your support, i could never have got this far with out you ............ (sentimental cow i am)

Speak soon

Snowie xxxx

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  • Wowee Snowie,

    I am so pleased for you :D

    Well done my lovely ;)

    Gaynor xx

  • Well done, Snow! That's great.


    Hi Snow

    Just wanted to say a Big well done and congratulations on reaching the next level, months 4-5. I cant beleive that time has gone by so quickly. I am so proud of you, Captain and Tia and of course the others in our Oct group that have already reached the same milestone.

    I will soon be with you and i hope that you can save me a nice seat and have a nice glass of something bubbly when i arrive in 11 days.

    Stay strong hun, you will soon be at the Penthouse ;)

  • Snowie, my quit bud!!! :)

    That's fantastic hun!! I'm so proud of you. A quarter of the way to the Penthouse!!

    Keep going sweetie. You're over the toughest part now!!

    Mr Ed xxxx

  • Welcome to the Snow (never thought I would say that this winter).

    Well done Snowie, its a huge achievment.

    I started Slimming World on Monday (had a sneaky check today and I have lost 2 lbs already) 1st 3lb to go.

  • Thank you everyone.... :D

    I feel so damn chuffed with myself!! My mum asked me earlier if i would go back to smoking and i told her i would never say never, but i am very sure that i wouldn't. The thought of restarting them up again, is not very appealing any more!!!

    I do get the odd craving, well if you can call it that, its more of a " i fancy one" type feeling now ( does that make sense?? )

    Well done Tia on the weight loss, i dare not get on scales (i had a huge chinky tonight :o )

    My Captain... Mr Ed , Good to see you quit bud :)

    Snowie xx

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