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It's amazing, isn't?!


I am thinking about how our life actually goes on without cigarettes!:) When you think about quitting you just don't know how to start and how your life is suppose to go on when you can't "escape" and go for one?!

And here I am on day 14, not smoking, my life GOES on as I learn to live without cigarettes, and it actually gets better! Did you notice how it seems like you do more stuff every day now that you don't keep taking cigarettes breacks? It's like you acomplish more because you have the time.

Anyway, just sharing my joyfull thoughts hopefully that can help some of you to go through the day or just reinforce your decision!

Tonight I am celebrating my 2 weeks... I never thought I am capable of this, honesly! I hope you guiys are all doing good! Smile:)

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Nice One

Enough, spot on u are right, and I cant believe how much more u get done in a day, weekends I have to have a siesta am that shattered.... But well worth it Keep up the good work, My first full month tommorow and am so pleased I got this far, Not always been easy but forum has been a massive help:)

Hi Enough :D

WOW 2 weeks that's great well done you Yes life does indeed go on for us

the first few days sort of drag but then seems to speed up and before you know it's a couple of weeks Just hang in there


Marg xxxxx

Hi enough, and well done on 2 whole weeks, i too think its amazing that we worry so much at how we are going to cope without cigs, the fear and worrying is far worse than actually doing it! It is amazed me how much more time i have to do other things, at first i think i sat about moping, worrying etc but then something seemed to click and now if i ever feel a bit like moping, i give myself a telling off (ha ha) and get on with something i want to do, not boring chores but things ive wanted to do for ages and it works!!

so keep smiling, :)


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