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Day 12! Amazed lol but edgy...

Hey all,

So glad to read everyones doing so well, I'm pretty amazed I am here on day 12. Normally fail miserably within a week so this is good lol.

I'm doing ok I guess, I am off to see the no smoking adviser at my GP's on 2nd of December, mainly to get patches on prescription as it's cheaper but they also test your lung function etc, so will be nice to see an improvement on that :)

I had a slump yesterday evening and craved for what seemed like an age but it passed with some relaxing music and a chat with a mate on msn.

Am feeling edgy again today sort of restless, like I need to be on the move all the time, is making me a bit grouchy to work with as I am desk based office work and thats driving me insane lol

Hope everyone is ok today.... stay strong! And in the words the great film Trainspotting.... CHOOSE LIFE!


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Well done on getting so far, In my experience so far (Which is limited to 4 weeks) these cravings that go on for a long time and not physical they are more mental. If you can busy yourself doing something else they tend to go away quicker.

The other weekend I had to do an hour of gardening before I managed to change my mindset and decide I didn't want a smoke, Once I'd made up my mind I coasted along for the rest of the day.

Well done for getting through it though.



Well done on 12 days, each day you add to that will lead to an easier life smoke-free. You could read some of the literature in the links, there you will find the answer to most questions that come up about the addiction to nicotine, it also helps to distract you from any craves.

Best wishes.



Hi Mixxy :D

23 days is great well done you I'm sorry you had the craves last night but pleased you got through it

Feeling restless is something most of us get and I still get the odd evening like that I'm mostly OK during the day but some evenings if I'm bored I get restless





I'm day 18 and am edgy too. But, only when I am at home. At home I have to play shooting games like Novaworld's Joint Ops in multiplay because it is intense and really distracting that it eliminates craving.

At my job I have no cravings as am busy and talking a lot. And I like that. But, at home is yuck. Like empty feeling all the time.

So, I eat a lot and play a lot of pc games as the only real method I have of keeping occupied.

Where I am it's minus 10 celcius everyday and is a congested city so I don't like walking and exercise particularly.

But yeah, cravings and edginess for sure.

Hang in there though. I hear we get over that.

Anyone know when?


Hi Andy :D

Day 18/19 that's great but sorry you're feeling edgy just now but some of this could be the week 3 blues that a lot of folk get just hang in there OK

Arghhhhhhh -10 C that's cold and not suprised you don't want to walk much but at least you're keeping occupied and that's good have you tried drinking water for the craves for some reason it really does seem to help with them

You're right you will get over this Promise but sorry no one can put a time to how long it lasts because as we're all different so of course are our quits but it does get better and much easier the further you travel alomg this road to freedom


Marg xx


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