No Smoking Day

Ha Ha Week 2, feels Amazing!!!!!!!!

Raaaaaayyyyyyyyy Week 2!!!!!!!!!

It's day 8 in the big brother house and I have managed to get through the weekend.......and I got mashed on Saturday too!

Was feeling a tad pathetic Saturday evening, wanted to go to the pub for the Rugby but did not trust myself, so my chap who is on week 5 came round and cooked a fab meal, it was around 2.30am I thought I have passed another hurdle, I have had alcohol and not really wanted a smoke! Though I will admit it was Tia Maria I was drinking not beer.....that's the next hurdle!

This site has helped so much, it's knowing your not alone!

Big hugs to everyone! x

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Hi Mildred

I'm on day 8 too. It's great to have week 1 out of the way isn't it? Only another 6 days and we'll be into week 3 :)


Hey well done !! how nice did that tia maria actually taste without fags? well before getting too pie eyed that is lol i bet it tasted better than ever ;)

And what a sweetie your chap is, to come over and

rather than go out x x

Well done Mildred, doubly so as you stayed up till past 2:30am!

Buffy x


Hi Mildred

Iam on day 6 cant wait to get into week two yippee!!

I was lit on saturday night too Saint Paddy night and all that i just had too. I didnt even want a smoke but i was on the vod and like you the beer would probably be a different story think i will stay away from that for a while!! lol

Jules xx


Shame on you Jules!! you should of been on the Guinness!! hehe to be honest my partner (Irish too) drinks Guinness and it doesn't half make him


Anyways well done again everyone we all deserve a good ol' pat on the back x


:D Wooooohooooooo!

I was drinking guinness AND tia maria at the weekend - in the same glass! Went to a non-smoking pub though which made it easier - I wasn't jealous of the smokers standing outside hehe!


Hello, everyone,

Yes twas a grand feeling getting through the weekend.....did attempt a bottle of beer tonight got 3/4 away through and had to throw it down the sink whilst madley fishing around for a gum, I did think Iam quite ready for the whole beer thing yet!

Had a worrying conversation with my friend who is in her 5th week of no smoking, she is still on stage 1 of the patches and today had 1/2 a cig cause her cravings were so bad.....the thing is up to now she has found it easier than she thought and she does not know why she is suddenly craving so badly this far down the line, I know it's early days for me but the thought of having a smoke 5 weeks after giving up is hard for me to fathom as I would of thought the cravings would (Hopefully) lessen by then?

I didn't know what advice to give apart from trying to stay strong, oh yes and eaten loads of chocolate, tis good for the soul! She reckons it could be because the patches are now to strong for her? Don't know if anyone has any views on this?



Meant to say Buffy, the Tia Maria tasted SWEET! Was glorious!


Week 2 for Jules!

Hey Jules you are on week 2, get you! x


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