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Well as some of you may have noticed, this is my first time on the forum today. I had a terrible day...

If you were reading my posts from a few days ago, you know that my step son came to our house while he was sick.

Well we took him home on Sunday so he could go to school on Monday, but he never made it to school on Monday or today. He ended up in the hospital because he had a temperature of 104.5 degrees. He developed a rash on his calves that soon spread all over his entire body. When the doctors took an ultra sound they saw that his liver and his spleen were enlarged and when they took a blood sample they saw that his platelets were down at 90,000 instead of being at 150,000. His tummy was killing him and he couldn't tell if he was hungry or not. The doctors took a test for mono and it came back negative, but they believed it was mono. The other two things it could have been was meningitis or lukemia. We were freaking out of course.

They told us they believed it was mono and send him home with a temp of 102 degrees. We watched him all day long as his fever wet up and down. We were told not to give him tylenol unless we really really needed to because his liver was not up to par. His temp went back up to 103.5 and the rash got worse. We gave him a tylenol from lack of options and the fever started to drop.

The fever is now 99.9 and he is feeling much better even though we are unsure what the real problem is. Mono was the last diagnosis and we are hoping out of the three options - mono is what he has.

Moral of the story - I am still smoke free :D

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Ooooo NS4M

I wish I was there to help you and give you a big hug. It is so scary when one of your children is rushed into hospital as an emergency. Glad your stepson's temperature is going down now - could you take him to see your GP just to get him checked out - or back to the hospital?? The thing is with children sometimes they do get the most horrendous temperatures and rashes and noone seems to know what it is all about. But as quick as they come on they then drop off. I do hope this is the case with your stepson. We have had to rush Matthew in to hospital several times as an emergency and I still remember that gut wrenching fear and worry.

You have done amazingly to stay smoke free NS4M - you should feel so proud of yourself. If there is anything I can do - do let me know. I am always here for you my buddy.

Big Cuddles and Hugs for my Buddy



Hi Ns4m

So very sorry your stepson is so unwell my heart gose out to you and your hubby. Just been through it with son and liver he still has very bad rash all over him and itching is driving him mad. but a little one thats really sad will be thinking of you babe hope he is better real soon. your a better woman than me to stay smoke free as you know I CAVED very well done your a star LOVE linda xxxxx


I hope your stepson's feeling better soon. I can't imagine how worried you all must have been. I'm sending you all big hug vibes!

Fantastic that you stayed smokefree - you're an inspiration to us! :)


Hay NS4M your a star honey,

So sorry to hear about your stepson, you have done so well to have not given in to the demon weed.

Hope they find out whats up with him and he starts to get better soon,

Thinking of you,

Big hugs,

Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


*hugs* Ns4m x x x x

You poor thing, step son too!! of course x x x x

I have been through similar when my son contracted meningitis so very very frightening x x

I soooooo Hope that he is on the mend and that the horrible experience boils down to nothing more than a horrible lurgy such as Mono x x x x

Well Done for staying smoke free x x x x

Thinking of you

Love and thoughts x x

~Buffy x x


Hi all and thank you all sooooo very much for your kind words :)

The tempature popped back up to 103.5 at 3am, but went down with cold clothes and laying still in his underware. His tempature is back to about 100 now, but we will take him back to the doctors tomorrow and get a second opinion. Very scary but we are all hanging on. Thanks for the support even though it is not about smoking at this point.

P.S. - still smoke free ;)


UPDATE: The rash had worsened and the itch is unbearable. He has had a cool oatmeal bath and his temp. is now sitting at 102 degrees. I looked on the internet and his rash is just like a mono rash would look. He has all of the mono symptoms except fatigue...I know it's a big one not to have but the doctor says each person gets it differently. Some have to go to the hospital for 2 months, some can sleeeeep all day and night and are able to stay at home and others go to school because they have no idea they have anything. We will just have to wait and see!


Dear NS4M

Thinking of you and good luck at the other doctors today - hopefully you will get the answers you need.

Big Hugs



Hi Bou,

Infectious mononucleosis, (also known as the kissing disease, or Pfeiffer's disease, in North America as mono, Westcountry England as the glandge and more commonly known as glandular fever in other English-speaking countries) is seen most commonly in adolescents and young adults, characterized in teenagers by fever, sore throat, muscle soreness, and fatigue.

Mononucleosis is typically transmitted from asymptomatic individuals through blood or saliva (hence "the kissing disease"), or by sharing a drink, or sharing eating utensils.

Symptoms usually appear 1-2 months after infection, and may resemble strep throat, or other bacterial or viral respiratory infections. The typical symptoms and signs of mononucleosis are:

Fever - this varies from mild to severe, but is seen in nearly all cases.

Tender and enlarged/swollen lymph nodes - particularly the posterior cervical lymph nodes, on both sides of the neck.

Sore throat** White patches on the tonsils and back of the throat are often seen

Fatigue (sometimes extreme fatigue)

Some patients also display:

Enlarged spleen (splenomegaly, which may lead to rupture) and/or liver (hepatomegaly)

Petechial hemorrhage

Abdominal pain

Aching muscles


Loss of appetite




Skin rash

Dizziness or disorientation

Dry cough

Enlarged Prostate

Supra-orbital oedema (the eyes become puffy and swollen) may occur in the early stages of infection

That is Mono :( Better than the other alternatives though.


How is the poor soldier today? x x


He had a sleepless night last night and he is still asleep - thankfully. I will have an update later on today. Thanks for asking :)

How are you today?


Dear Bou,

Thank you hun! I will keep updating when something changes...thank you for caring!


He had a sleepless night last night and he is still asleep - thankfully. I will have an update later on today. Thanks for asking :)

How are you today?

Ah never mind me lol x x I am going to look for the post as soon as i wake x x

This time zone malarkey can be a pain :(

I have everything crossed and send all my love x x


Thank you Buffy! He saw the doctor yesterday for some tests and we still don't have the results. He is still very itchy from the rash and his temp is 102. I will post back when the results come in. Thank you all for caring so much about us right now :)


The prolonged fever will irritate his skin a lot!

Poor mite x x Bet he's getting spoiled rotten though x x

deservedly so ;)

Keeping it crossed till you post the results x x

~Buffy x x


Wellllll....he is always spoiled rotten, even when he is well lol. Sooooo...... Yup he is spoiled now too! :D


Dear NS4M

Hope your little step son will begin to turn a corner soon. Glandular fever can be a really dibilitating condition - poor little boy.

He is so lucky to have such a wonderful step mum - you have the biggest and kindest heart.

Thinking of you in my prayers.

Big Hugs for my Buddy



Wellllll....he is always spoiled rotten, even when he is well lol. Sooooo...... Yup he is spoiled now too! :D

Aw x x x *hug*


We still don't have any test results back but he really wants to go to school on Monday. He is feeling better but still has a fever and a rash. We will have to wait and see. If the fever doesn't go away he is staying home.


Too right!!

What a lovely kid x x

Day by day x x

He needs to be fit enough x x

~Buffy x x


He is bored! He misses his friends too.


He's a lovely boy x xx x x


just been catching up on this ... NS4M you've been going through it as well as your stepson by the sound of it. I'm hoping that today things are looking better and you can find the time and space to relax and give yourself some serious rewards for being so strong.

Thinking of ya.


Hi all,

He is much better now. Fever is gone and he is back to school today. The doctor said he could go back. Hopefully he stays on the mend :D


Sorry I haven't been around - I am not feeling well. I think my cold is returning. Don't worry I don't have the same thing that stepson had. I have been to the doctors, just a cold...but I feel yucky so I will catch up with you all later. I am still not smoking, just feeling under the weather.



sorry your feeling low thinking of you Linda xxx after yourself and get well soon


Aw such good news x x x x

Glad he's betterer and Back to school :D woo hoo x x

Sorry your feeling poorly now :(

Guess you've been a bit exhausted by the whole episode and now your body wants to rest up!

~Buffy x x x x


Awww thank you all. You guys are the best!

This cold is terrible because it is not hitting me full blown yet. It is a nagging stupid non stop yucky feeling. I wish it would hit me really hard so i could begin to get better, but instead it is just lagging along and lingering around me. Hope I will be back on here soon and making jokes with my Bou. Have a great day all!


Morning to all,

It is almost midnight here and I am getting ready for bed, but I am feeling a weee bit better at the moment so I thought I'd stop in and say Morning to you everyone cause who knows how I will feel in my morn lol. I may be on later and I may not - we will see ;) Have a nice smoke free day everyone :D


Aw bless ya x x x

Good morning to you x x albeit 5 hours premature :D hehehe

Glad you are feeling betterer x x

Hope that you continue to get better

~Buffy x x


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