smoking in the garden- a question

My strimmer almost caught fire today....but I don't carry a lighter anymore so it went out.

Okay I'm kidding but my garden's tiny and my nephew can do it in about 15 minutes, takes me days....strim a bit, sit down on bench abit, strim a bit. So anyway there I am in the garden having a bit of a strim when I notice smoke coming out of the strimmer.

And my question is...... isn't my sense of smell supposed to be back? Why didn't I smell it??

No fire, thought it best to turn it off and leave it.

Hope everyone else is having a smoke free day.

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  • Hi Juster :D

    I don't know why you didn't smell it but could be because you were in fresh air which until recently you didn't notice

    Or could be you were dreamimg about all that extra money you can now spend HA HA


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

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