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Week 11 - Smoking Evacuation!

As I head into Week 11, I didn't realize how funny today was until I got home from work and told my hubby and family, what an eventful day I had caused!

I was making beans and toast in our tea station at lunchtime and was just boiling the kettle for my tea and got this rotten smell from the toaster, some egit prior to me let cheese fall into toaster and it started to melt, burn and smoke, I desperately tried to fan the smoke away but it was too far gone that the fire alarm went off and the whole building had to evacuate for 20 minutes out in the freezing and wet. I was mortified and got such a slagging from my colleagues and then the emails went around from management stating not to put cheese in the toasters!

Anyway, I am starting Week 11 in good form and felt I had to share with you guys, possibly it is a 'had to be there moment' but I am smiling away to myself for the first time in my quit as I type this post.

Hope everyone is doing good - newbies and oldies!

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Morning all, not a great start this Black Friday morning, I feel like I am back to the 2nd week of my quit, coughing up tar this morning, throat feels like I am swallowing nails when I cough and my breath seems like I smoked, on top of that, smoking dreams started again after being gone for over a month!!! Is this normal for these symptoms to come back at Day 71?

Back to the spoon of honey and continue to drink more ice cold water and lemon in the mornings!! Really couldn't be arsed this morning and would love to get back into bed...ah well, thank crunchie its Friday, hopefully today flies by....:confused:


Not too good here either...I really want to go back to bed now.

Instead I have a big meeting at 9.30 it's great...just what I needed! Stay strong buddy, this will be over soon.


Ah I am grand mmaya, just surprised these early symptoms are back but hubby reassured me that he still coughed up tar now and again up to 6 months after he quit. The spoon of honey is a great job in the morning to clear it up and it is a good sign my lungs are still clearing out!


Unfortunately it's not just the cough that is coming back for me! I can't wait for this to be over.happy black Friday


Ah, take it things haven't settled down, hopefully they will soon for you.

Plan to do all my Christmas shopping tonight online with Black Friday!


Are you not watching the late late toy show, it's on tonight I think.

It's pizza and celebrations night tonight

Not any better, not really. I shall not be defeated that easy! I went to the Gp this morning after the 9:30 meeting, got prescription medicines to calm down.I didn't want to go this route but it had to be done.

Hopefully I'll be better soon.


Oh definitely will be watching it, have been watching it since I was a child, love it! And this year know quite a few of the kid acts on it, they are from my town, is a pizza and wine night for me!


Oh by the way...funny post above! That has actually happened to me before ahah....only that they didn't evacuate the building lol


Hey, don't panic. you don't really start getting the long periods of not craving eg a week at a time until the 4/5 months mark. I would say 9 months to a year before you feel like you never smokes 95% of the time. For the mean time just ride the feelings. Some days will be good and others terrible but its part of the process and is worth it.

I spoke to a few long term ex smokers (3 years+) and they NEVER think of smoking or feel withdrawal symptoms. think how lovely that will be :) xxx


Hey Nikki, how are you doing, its been a while?

I'm currently doing good and soldering on with the sword up at all times!

In Week 11, the light at the end of tunnel is fast approaching with Week 12 and seeing some sort of normality back as an ex smoker but as you said above think 6 months will be see it (according to my hubby and other ex smokers I have spoken to).

I hope you are doing good...


Hey Nikky thanks for joining today...Haven't seen you in ages.

Firstly I'm delighted to read your post because I just had a horrible week, I don't think I can take many more of those.I'm resetting my next goal to 4 months now.

Hey how are you doing, are you still on the e cigs? what week are you now? I completely lost track...I need to start focusing more...well done buddy!


Hey mmaya, you still having a rough time? Hopefully not and it has settled down - what do you mean about re-setting your goal to 4 months?


I'm good thanks Rowens :) I thought it would get better after 3 months...I've been looking forward to 3 months up until now, I've just pushed it to 4 instead because I don't think 3 is enough.

I didn't smoke during the week.... I'm still good.


Good for you mmaya, hope it improves for you (horrendous weather we are having would not say is helping, think in our area we have had all 4 seasons in the space of an hour!)


I haven't even looked outside yet lol

I got home very late yesterday... Or should I say this morning... I have a massive migraine today, hardly can open my eyes.

I've been in bed until 2, got off the bed and went to the sofa. That's me done today.

I'm not hangover... Just in case if you're all laughing at me now....I don't drink.

Just very tired.

I won't smoke Rowens, not a chance I'll do this again.

My week was pretty bad, I hope I won't have another one like this.


Hey mmaya, how are you today, hope it is a good start to your week?


I'm good, the cravings are gone again, haven't had any since Saturday morning... The headache is still here...that won't kill me....


I know Karri, thats what everyone was asking about the cheese in the toaster!!

Thanks as always for the encouraging words, hope you doing good?


Thats good, same as myself!


Sorry Karri, forgot to mention this morning, there was a poster asking for you yesterday, can't find it now, maybe you seen it yourself?

Found it



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2 Years Today 28-11-2015, 11:16 AM

I've not looked at the forum for a long time but my phone tells me that I have been smoke free for 2 years. I wanted to post here to encourage you that it really is possible. Everyone can stop smoking that goes without saying but staying quit and feeling happy about not smoking is different.

Honestly, it took me about 9 months to completely feel happy in my quit but I promise you that one day you will wake up and not think I should be having a cigarette but I cant - poor me! you wont even think about it. You will get through hard times and difficult situations without thinking it would be much easier with a cigarette, you wont even think about them.

Good luck to all who are starting their quits just remember that day will come when you realise you no longer have the voice telling you what your missing.

PS - Karri (hope you remember me) what a super star you are with your quit - I knew you would do it xx

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