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No Smoking Day
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Day 6 - Nearly a week!

Hi everyone,

I'm now at day 6 and feeling fine!

I did have one massive craving yesterday evening and seriously considered buying a pack of fags:( really took me by surprise because I think I've been doing really well and havent really had any cravings (only little ones)

But I'm pleased to say that I didn't bow under pressure and boy am I glad about that now! Was just thinking to myself how dissapointed I would have been today if I smoked last night. There is no way I want to go back to day 1!!!

Hope everyone else is doing great!:)

Lottie -x-

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Hi Lottie :D

Day 6 that's great almost through that first week

Sorry you had that massive crave last night, but you beat it off well done and now you know that if you get another you can defeat it

Keep going onwards and upwards


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


Woohoo! Go lottie!

Woop! Woop! Lottie on day 6! Well done you! :D

Sorry to hear about the mega-crave you had, but you did exactly the right thing mate. Stick with it. As margaret says, onwards and upwards.

Hey that could be a tune at the party, by Yazz "The only way is up!" :rolleyes:.

Oh by the way Trinity is gorgeous, she looks really cosy in that pic. But careful with the catnip lol.

Keep at it! *hug*

Love P. x


Well done lottie,

really pleased youve had a super day, so pleased you didnt give in yesterday.i only know too well how it feels to keep going back to day one,feeling strong today though.

give yourself a big pat on your back WELL DONE!!!!:)

lots of love ali xx


WELL DONE lOTTIE............Go on Girl, you can kick the ass outta a craving anytime.......you are strong.

Well, today I just looked at people smoking.......OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN. Poor bu***ers I thought......hey that was me LAST WEEK. I can't believe how quick the week has gone in, and if I can do one week.........I can do it EVERY week.

WELL DONE TO ALL MMQ Crew.......WE ARE FAB.........

WHEN'S THE PARTY starting, I think we all deserve it. Margareth........ you promised to join us............Love J.x x x


Hi J :D

Don't worry I'll be there best bib & tucker as well, and I got a bottle as promised see you later

Wouldn't miss it for anything, good job not needed to babysit tonight HA HA


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


Woo Hoo Lottie

You are through it ..... the nicotine is out of your system.

Just got to get the little demons out of your head now......

You have got through a big craving, you now know you can do it, so any more cravings will be beaten.....BECAUSE ... you are good at beating them.

Almost a week done..... now that you have learnt to get through days they are really easy to do now ... because you have had loads of practice at them, the next hurdle is to get through weeks, you've almost done one, so two is going to be ok ..... wow before you know it we'll all be counting months !!!!:D


Well done Lottie,first week completed tomorrow,be proud of yourself.

Glad you beat the big nasty crave too.


Wow thanks for the messages everyone, sitting here with a big silly grin on my face now:D

Well done to all of you too for going another day, we should all be very proud of ourselves and we all deserve a big pat on the back:D

Keep up the good work everyone!

Loadsa love Lottie -x-


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