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Week 6, Day 4 *bored*

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So I'm on six weeks, four days or day 46.

Still having a few strong craves which I can pretty much ignore now, 2 chest infections since quitting have been fun too.

The boredom, dear god THE BOREDOM!!

I'm actually bored of everything, everything is so boring! Even when I try and do something fun or distracting I'm bored. It's doubly hard as prior to my quit I never felt bored, I always had something to do.

Does this boredom just disappear? Please tell me it does!

Thanks folks!

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This is a mysterious one, Paul. When you say that prior to your quit you always had something to do - do you mean having a smoke? If so, was smoking really that interesting?

Yes Bored!

I too started to feel bored!

I do believe that it has something to do with stopping (not that it's very exciting to have a smoke, but maybe it's just the feeling something is now missing that I should be doing.

Weird eh!

Nice to know I'm not alone on this strange "side effect"??

Give those peeps a big cheer for hitting one of the nails on the head!! :)

You are so right and yet I think we are wrong Paul!

If that makes sense!

I also feel so bored....but am I?

I was sitting tonight after tea thinking about this very subject.

nothing on TV, cant be bothered to pick my guitar up, PS3 not been on in ages, no books .... pfff ..... Gordon Bennett this is boring......but wait ..... hang on one goddamn minute ....

.....am I just blaming my boredom on stopping smoking, would I have been bored in the past right now if I was still smoking?....

I actually believe yes, I would have been just as bored! ... but lighting up a smoke would have made me believe I wasn't bored ... look at all these things I have to do now, I have to roll it, take a walk outside, smoke it (for all of 2 minutes ... I used to suck hard on those rollies LOL) and walk all the way back in the house, by which time I may have thought of something to do!!

The truth is, if I was smoking now, I would still have been "bored"

There wasn't anything on the TV that interested me, I didn't want to pick up my guitar as I was knackered after exercising and didn't have any inspiration at that moment, I haven't bought any decent games lately so can't play the same ones over and over ... that's just BORING! :)

My mind perceived smoking as relieving my boredom but if I am totally honest with myself .... I was still bored!

I am looking at this as part of the release and healing ..... look at how much time I am going to have soon to do exactly what I want to do, when I want to do it.....and the minute I think "oohh it would be nice to pick my guitar up now and write a new cheesy cheerful chart topper! :)

I can do it STRAIGHT AWAY .... instead of ... Yeah, in a minute, I'll have a fag first! :D

I for one am going to think of ingenious ways to get my mind going ..... how about learning a language?

Japanese for instance, now that would be interesting

I really REALLY hope that made sense as it came out quite quick and I'm using my wife's laptop...

Hope you stay strong as we newbies do like to follow those that have gone before us.



Hiya, I'm new to the forum, but before I ran into some difficulty recently I felt bored a lot and I thought it was maybe that I invested so much and so intensely in stopping mentally that as it began to get easier and easier to not smoke that my mind was at a loose end!

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nonico7 Years Smoke Free

Being bored

Hi All

Yes, I think that feeling bored is a common complaint when you quit smoking. I'm sure there are many theories out there to explain why. I'm sure it has something to do with sub consciously repressing many emotions that we daren't let loose at the moment. Those emotions may include: completely relaxing, being carefree, fear of failure etc. We close down the array of emotions available to us, and boredom is the result.

It may also explain why quitting smoking can be so tiring; it's hard work for the sub conscious keeping all those emotions at bay.

The boredom will fade, and new emotions will come into play. Keep quit and enjoy the emotional journey.:)

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