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No Smoking Day
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10 weeks and 6 days

:confused:Hi All. It has been 10 weeks and 6 days for me and it feels longer? That is why I am dissaponted that I still get quite strong cravings. Most of the time I am ok but I have just had a couple of days off work and I have been doing a few jobs around the house and I have thought about smoking a lot. I think I used to (reward) myself when I had been busy with a sit down a coffee and a cig. Having said all of that the house smells great and most of the time I am ok but I also dont want to go on holiday yet because I am not sure I would enjoy it? This is ridiculous but it is how I feel. Does anyone else feel like this after more than 10 weeks? I wont put my life on hold but just dont want to go just yet. I will wait until the cravings have gone.

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Hi HAZE56. Feel just the same as you at the moment .Think we've just got to hang in there and wait for things to improve. I'm sure they will. Keep going your doing really well.


feel awful

I feel awful now for posting that because I have been sat here worried about newbies reading it and thinking oh my god it doesnt get any better! I am just having a bad day thanks for your reply, I suppose in a way it is good to know I am not alone. WE are doing really well.:)


Im with you Haze, just keep on - believe in NOPE, Perhaps it is easy for some but not for all, but lets keep at it and see :)



I swear, I felt exactly like you did around this time! But think about it, you've been quit two and a half months, and you have... how many years worth of habit to undo?!?

The thing is, you're still coming across new/unfamiliar triggers at this stage. Situations and states of mind that you're encountering for the first time without smoking. You have to battle through them - next time you have a couple of days of pottering round the house, you won't miss the fags nearly as much, and the time after that you probably won't think about them at all.

The good news is that those pop-up triggers come along less often, the longer you go on with a quit.

I don't think I stopped having odd times like that until about six months. That doesn't mean I was suffering for six months - it just meant that days would crop up where memories of smoking assaulted me. Now ... it just doesn't happen any more. Just keep going, you know you've beaten worse and come through. You can do this!!!

Hang tough,

Helen x


HI Haze. No sorry the craves dont just go like that. they pop up like dandelions. one minute its a bowling green and in the middle of showing it off ,up they pop up, great big ones sometimes, just pull them up one by one as they come. I had a huge crave tonight . i was watching a play and i heard familiar laughter behind me and it was my ex... a perfect smoking moment... which im happy to say i suvived..... But you do get better at spotting them and demolishing them.... let X=X.



New day

Thanks everyone. The support on here is great. I am off out today with my aunt and uncle for a luchtime drink. First time since I quit. Wont be going outside to smoke and coming back in smeeling awful. I look forward to getting dressed up and wearing the new shoes I bought wiyh my no smoking money. Have a good day all. No doubt I will be on later to see how everyones doing.


Well done Haze. And may every new day be a brighter day! You are doing fantastically. :)



:)Well done Haze. And may every new day be a brighter day! You are doing fantastically.


Thanks so much! Everyones messages mean a lot to me!


Congratulations Haze on your Quit.

Im on day 82 of mine, and im so totally aware of what your saying. Ive always missed smoking as i too saw it as a reward. the sitting down after after working hard will always be a tough one to crack.

The weekends for me are the toughest. I use this place as my crutch most weekends i put it down to not as busy as i am during the week when im at work.

In fact theres been many a time when ive been very close to giving in and starting again, i get fed up of constantly being reminding seeing people outside pubs/ offices etc, knowing full damn well i would still love to smoke and that i would enjoy it.

I think i would regret it come Monday morning, but sometimes the cravings just bore me, Thats why i log on here to help me get over the hard times.

And another thing im with you on the time scale, Im nearly at full three months clear and it feels like 6.

Its so hard to keep focused, but N.O.P.E is the only way.


Afternoon drink

Thanks Si. It helps to know I am not alone. You were one of the first people to support me when I joined this forum and I didnt realise you were so new into your quit. I have been out this afternoon and I have to say I did not think about smoking. It helps that my relatives dont smoke but I enjoyed myself, which if I am honest on my bad days I think I wont enjoy social situations. Keep going and I promise I will too. We have come this far and it would be such a shame to cave in now.


Missing the fags

Have been out for a lovely lunch today with all my non smoking family. I used to just ignore them and go out for a fag, I didn't care what they thought of me, but today I just sat and talked to everybody, I must admit it crossed my mind wouldn't it be nice to hae a ciggy now but it was dismissed instantly by my subconscious mind. I quit on Feb13th this year, not really sure how many weeks I am now I think it's 10 or11 weeks, but doing really well so far, having smoked for 50 years around10 to 15 a Day. I really hope that I can keep this up, am on the lower strenghth patches now and inhalator when I need it.


fantastic well done

Well done that is brilliant a 50 year habit will not dissapear over night. Keep going and well done for today, you are doing great!


We are all doing really good, I for one would never ever believe that id have so many days under my belt.

The craving come and go, we have to treat them with the attention they deserve. Very little!! They hit us hard, they creep up on us, they make us think irrational thoughts, all trying to make us weak. they make us do things we wouldn't normally do.



Dont let them little white sticks get the better of us, we dont need them to survive, we are stronger better people without them.

We all enjoyed smoking once, but we all knew what effect it was having on us,our family,our health,our cash and surrounding people. We all know that stopping only improves all them factors so much, Why do we let nicotine cloud our judgement of that? day after day

Nope my friends is the only way.


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