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Day 6 - nearly a week!

So here I am at day 6. That's 3 days after my dreaded day 3 previous nemesis! Feeling strong and positive, but far from complacent as the cravings are face slappingly shocking at the mo when they hit (which seems to be less frequent? Maybe...)!

Anyway, I'm really grateful for the support and encouragement, especially from the Christmas conqueror crew so hopeful for a check in at day 6 please fellas's from Clarky, Hadenuf and Don?



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Ollie lad,

Your doing unbelievably well and thanks for your support in getting me this far too geezer.

I'm dreading my staff night out next Sat.


By next Sat you'll be well prepared mate. Will be there with you an you can go on here/text/call me rather than having a fag. Been reading other threads and the tip seems to be practise saying "no thanks" in your head imagining you not going out fior a fag when you are out with pals. It should be easier now that you can't smoke inside but if you are anything like me you let your guard down after a few sherberts...don't want to seem like a killjoy? Convince yourself you ain't having a good time so will only do so if you have "just one"? It's Xmas for goddness sake, one won't hurt eh? NOPE! That's how it goes down dude, for me anyway everytime. Tricks and lies all of it. You'll have just a good a time, if not better without that unecessary addiction. And imagine paying something like £16 for a vending pack containing 17 fags at 1am!! Talk about slavery, just think about that. How's that for adding "fun" to a night out. Exactly.

You might be lucky and just not think about it from the 1st pint to the last...but if not you need to be ready and "crave surf"...(cue Hawii 5'O music..da da da da daaa da) Haha. I'll be on hand mate. You ain't on ya own.




ey up guys

Day 5 check in and alls well, apart from being a little tetchy today. Ollie your words above strike a chord with me as this is my downfall to. Sat night is also my dreaded night as its the missus' B'Day. Night out, all of her friends, smokers, missus will still be smoking as her quit date is the day after, champix, so will be needing words such as yours above to give me that extra kick of confidence. I would like to say that no way do I want to go out there in the freezing cold, but how many times have I done that without a second thought. I will be practicing saying no thanks in my head for the next 4 days so it becomes second nature.


Yeah mate, just shout up if you get tempted, I'll be around. Practice saying no in your head, then once you've declined don't dwell on it just do something else, like get the round in, start a mexican wave or show those laydeeee's your cat like ninja skills on the dance floor dude!:eek:

My kinda party!!:cool:


Cheers mate and the same applies from this end to. Mind you if I get collared for getting a round I am known for my cat like ninja skills for disappearing and not for dancing, lol. ;)


Just say no....cue cheesy song from Grange hill!! Keep practising,you will be so elated when you can turn round and say no thanks I don't smoke.

In fact it's a pain in the arse having to keep going outside etc, much more fun inside in the warmth where all the action is :-)


Gladi8tor, hadenuf,don,that boy clarkey. Well done to all of you, you are all very lucky to have each other all quit at the same time as you are all going through the same things and can really identify and support each other. You are all doing just great!


It's absolutely brilliant to see you all support each other through this. :)

You help each other but it also helps everyone reading as well!

You're all doing amazing, keep it up lads :D

Molly x


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