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Happy April!!

Well here I am in the hallowed halls that are 'Month 1', I have to say that I found week 3 to be quite challenging, even last night I spent a good hour thinking about going out and getting some ciggies.

I'm not exactly sure what I should do about this, I think by now the physical addiction to nicotine should be gone so its just a case of changing my way of thinking. Most of the time during the day I'm fine and happy to be a non smoker, then it just hits me like a brick wall and my thinking changes. I truly believe that if I lived with a smoker I would not have lasted this long.

I'm hoping that this has simply been part of the 'terrible 3s' and that week 4 will be better..

Anyway, hope all is well with everyone else.

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I truly believe that if I lived with a smoker I would not have lasted this long.

Hi mike, I'm day 9. Well done on getting this far!! it's a brilliant achievement and will just get better I guess.

My other half smokes ( he used to smoke heavy, but now I have quit, he has cut down a lot ) He smokes in our dining room and to be honest, it helps if anything :o It stinks for 1... which I'm embarrassed that I smelt like that and I just can't believe I let them dominate my life like they did.

I went for a meal with family who smoke other night and I sat and watched them fidget and fret after their meal.. until they finally gave in and went outside for their FIX!!! I just can't believe I was like that, and really don't plan on going back to that :(


Hi Mike :D

Well done on getting to 1 month that's great Pat on the back is definitely in order

It is natural to think about fags but if it really bothers you so that you fear caving I would suggest you do some more reading from any of the links or indeed the posts/threads on here


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Mike

Well done mate you have already beat your last three quits so CONGRATS for that. More than half the quitters find week three to four a bit hard. But should get much easyer now. Has slinky said you may find living or working with smokers ( I do both ) Can some times make it easyer you know how bad they smell and see how ciggys control you. Your doing fab and counting in months.xxxxxxxxx


Hi there

Well done, your doing great!

We all smoked for so long, it was a huge part of our lives, so it's got to be expected to think about it. I found I thought about it loads during the first few weeks, now I bearly do, but do have the odd thought of lighting up, but know I don;t 'have to'.

I've found the best way of dealing with it was to read up on it every day, not to try to shut it out, but to reinforce the reason why I was never going to smoke again. I done this for about 4 weeks. It worked so well for me I thought I'd given up for 6 weeks this Monday just gone & have just realised it's 7 weeks! Nearly 2 months! yipppeeee.

Keep it up, your nearly on the verge.....;)


a month's brill dude!

ur doin brilliant-its the demon inside knowen that the fix of nicodeath is on its way out-keep notsmokn and u'll be running up hills and smellin the rain-i'm 0n day one and if i get to the one month mark i'd be soooo proud-be proud of urself-class!


Morning all, sorry I had to rush off yesterday morning so have not had chance to post any replies.

Thanks for all your support, I'm feeling much better about everything today, back to full non-smoker status :) And very happy that I've not beat my previous record of 3 weeks, wahoo!

I think I see what you mean Slinky, I was round at one of my smoking friends house last night for dinner and I have to say it was quite worrying to see them continuing to smoke despite the almost constant cough and choking.

Previously (just a week or so ago) it was very hard for me as I really wanted to smoke the whole night but this time, although there was a slight 'yes, a ciggy would be nice' it was MUCH easier and I was actually thinking more along the lines of a full non-smoker wondering 'why are you doing that to yourself if it makes you so ill?

I'm pretty sure last night was for me what Allen Carr would call 'the moment of revelation', the point you realise you can actually go out, do all the things you used do and not only enjoy them but feel great that the other smokers have to quickly light up as soon as possible to get their fix.

Thanks again for all the comments, hope all is well for everyone on this sunny Thursday (well it is here in Spain anyway :))


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