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No Smoking Day
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Happy Everything everyone

Happy happy happy ..... Yep i can actually say at this moment in time i feel Happy :D

My reasons...

1. I have a wonderful family

2. I had my first smoke free Christmas in about 16/17 years

3. Boxing day was not as bad as i thought it would be

4. My hubby is getting me a new sofa next week :D

5. Oh and i have saved just under 600 quid from not smoking whoop whoop

On a serious note........ I have my last visit with the nurse tomorrow morning, after my night shift tonight. So i should be getting my last two weeks supply of patches and hence going down to the lowest level.

Now for the past week, i have not been putting on my patch until about 11-12 ish and taking it back off around 9pm and so am not getting the full 16 hours worth.

My question is .... Should i not bother with the last two weeks worth and save myself £7.50 prescription money or just carry on until the end?

I think i do know the answer but just need some reassurance please.

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and heres to a HAPPY SMOKE FREE NEW YEAR!!!

Snowie xx

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Hi Snowie

Glad you have had a wonderful everything and I hope 2011 is just as wonderful, I think that for the cost of £7-50 its worth getting them and then making the decision after, they have obviously helped you to sustain the quit so don’t let anyone else guide you, you have to do what you think is right for you.

Talk to your nurse see what she thinks, they are the experts so we have to be guided by them really.

I wouldn’t ask my accountant how to mend my car so I know I am not qualified to really help you on this either but as long as you stay smoke free that’s all that matters isn’t it.

Take care babe and speak soon x


Thanks Michael :)

Hey Jamangie hun... Yes i think i should get the last two weeks worth, its funny because i just felt like i needed a bit of confirmation :confused:

Think that's the mind games again :rolleyes:

Hope you had a great Christmas, congrats again on making the Penthouse.

speak soon x


Happy everything to you as well Snow :)

Well done on your quit, brilliant :D

When I used patches & got to the smallest I didn't find they made any difference whether I had them on or not! Only you can decide what is best for you at the end of the day. If you have come so far maybe it would be worth continuing to the end of the programme & if like me you find you don't need to put them on then don't. They will be there if you need them.

:D Gaynor x


Good news snow :) happy new year


Hi Snow

Well done on your quit so far. I agree that I wouldn't risk your quit for the sake of a few pounds. Having said that, I kept forgetting to take my Champix tablets. I got a new pack of them last week to see me through the Christmas period but I haven't touched them. My husband did the same when he quit in September. I have slept a bit better since not taking them (well, apart from the pain from the whiplash :o).

Hope you have a lovely new year, and enjoy your sofa :D

Rachel x


Hi Snowie,

Glad to hear it is all going so well for you.

I would personally get the last prescription and then decided whether to use it or not. It is better to have it there and not need it, than to need it and not have it there.

Hope you have a cracking New Year.

Take care matey.

Sian xx:D


Cheers everyone:D

Well i did go and see the nurse for the last time, quite sad really as i have known her for over 10 years and now because i am not on the pill any more i have no reason to see her :(

I blew another 2, which i find most annoying when previous times i have blown a one!!

Then she decided to weigh me :eek: i know i have put on weight and that was taking the biscuit when i see the weight now, felt really depressed about it if i am honest......... mainly because she had all my weights on the computer since 1998 and on Feb 1998 i weighed 7 stone 8lb around 8 weeks after having my first baby!! and now lets just say i am just under 3 stone heavier .... Yes i know i am older now and have had 3 more kids since.......but


Oh well least i know my lungs are healthier :D


Sorry Babe I know I shouldnt laugh but I am in the same boat, all my weight went on when I stopped smoking but what can we do especially as its christmas and there are all these choccys to eat hee hee.

You will lose it I am sure after the year the cravings for food does wear off and so does the weight, skinny and sick or plumper and perky or something like that, dont worry you are still beautiful x


Awww thanks hun :D

I suppose it doesn't help that i really binge eat of a night :eek:

I actually quite like the size of my "top" half now......... :cool:

I am thinking of maybe standing on my head for a few hours each day to see if the weight from my "ass" shifts up there too :D


That is so funny Snow, can just see it now. The extra weight will go when you are good & ready, the important thing is you have escaped the nicotine trap & good on ya :D

Gaynor x


I actually quite like the size of my "top" half now......... :cool:

I love the size of my top half now but the size of the rest of me gets me down. Dh got me a david llyod membership for christmas so will be hitting the gym from next week (I did hint that I would like it, he wasn't dropping hints lol)

Just gotta finish the last tin of choccies now :D



thanks Gaynor :D It does feel great to be rid of the cigs :D

LOL Sian.... good luck for the gym, i belong to one but have not been for about 6 months (good job its pay as you go)

As for the choccy's...... i have loads left, quite suprising really with the size of my family lol


LMAO do you realise if you stand on your head for a couple of hours a day you will have very large lady humps back and front, I dont think I will bother as I am like you top heavy now, OH like it I dont x


LMAO do you realise if you stand on your head for a couple of hours a day you will have very large lady humps back and front

:eek: lmao, i just don't think sometimes :D


We are females, not supposed to think are we.

I reckon that another 12 Months and I will have lost

The thought of losing weight LOL


LOl Jamangie :D

Well like i said i did get the patches (although boots owe me one pack) but i was in a dilema New Year Eve as i knew i would be out late but knew the patch could only stay on 16 hours... So i had a plan to not put the patch on until later in the day.......... Hence giving me more hours.

Well it wasn't until i got home at 3am :o that i went to take off the patch that i realised i never put it on :eek:

Then yesterday i didn't wake up until 11:30 and so went yesterday without it too.

I am not trying to be brave or act the "i am" with not wearing it, but for the time being i really don't feel like i need too, but there is a part of me that is saying wear it as i know what happened before and i started smoking again.

So i have one on me at all times and if the need gets strong i will be putting it straight on!

Hope everyone is doing well?

Snowie x


Hi Snow,

Well done for not wearing your patch. Hey, if you can go without them all the better but if you need to you know you have them as you say :D

All that matters at the end of the day is that you don't smoke & I am confident that you won't.

Gaynor x


thank you Gaynor :D

Well still have not been wearing my patch as feel i really don't need it any more:D

But my sleep is really mucked up again and its driving me nuts :(

I go to bed, read, fall asleep and then wake up what i think is morning time and find that it is only half hour later :eek:

this is happening all through the night and now i feel totally dead on my feet *sobs*

I am thinking this is because i have come off the patch now and so have o nicotine in my system which is causing my body to be out of sync??

Anyone else had this, this far into the quit?

Snowie xx


Hi Babe, yes and it is only just starting to get better so dont worry, infact the more i worried the worse it got.

2 hours was my limit at one point wake up fall off and so on.

I am better now but reading is good as it keeps you occupied.


I read all the time hun, i do about two books a week :eek:

Hubby just pointed out to me that i am drinking so much more coffee at the moment, so will try and cut down on that.

Its just so frustrating as i love my sleep :)



Hi Snow

Just wanted to say a big well done on not needing your patches but if you feel you need it put it on, dont go suffering as its not worth it hun, as for the sleep i hope that sorts itself out soon. Im only just getting a decent nights sleep now even though last nicotine intake was 24th Oct and last champix tablet was the 31st Oct its taken all this time to sort my body out but im feeling much better and raring to go, hence the joining the gym and getting on top of my weight now.

Anyhow stay strong



Hey Snowie,

Great news about the patches. As you said just keep one to hand so if the need be you have it there. I don't think you will though, you seem very in control of your quit.

As for your sleep, try not drinking tea or coffee after 6pm. Take a hot bath before you go to bed then when you get out dry off and get straight into bed. you can still read for a bit but not too long. As your body cools down from the bath it will release sleep inducing stuff (technical name for it lol) and helpyou doze off. If that doesn't work try maybe some hebal remedies.

Glad to hear you're doing so well. Apart from the sleeping that is.

Sian xx


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