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17th April My BIG Day


Hi everyone. I have made the decision to quit! Been thinking of it for a while and actually decided today would be my first day however split with boyfriend yesterday and when got up this morning my cat was unwell (I won't got into details just in case anyone is eating while reading this!).

So anyway, tomorrow is my big day. Dreading it but quite excited at the same time. I'm just praying i can get through the first few days as I'm sure that will give me the strength to continue. Sleep disturbances are what I am dreading most!


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Unless you've done it before it's really difficult to know how your body will react. You'll almost certainly need some kind of 'plan'; whether this is a new hobby, new routine, (new boyfriend?!) or whatever, it'll certainly be a new you! Consider patches and gum, as well as everything else that others have tried (though maybe not so much alcohol as Boudee consumes!)

Think: What can I do to help me succeed? Use the extra money for the new you!


Thanks for reply. I packed in about 2 years ago for a year but went out had a drink and low and behold I was a smoker again! I remember sleeping was the main problem for me but for the life of me can't remember for how long it lasted.

I'm going cold turkey as that was how I packed in last time. Whenever I've tried patches, gum, herbal cigarettes etc I've always gone back on the cigs so going cold I believe is the only way for me.

Whatever happens I've just got to get through it I suppose. I'm not the only person to have to deal with the withdrawal symptoms so suppose it is just a case of get on with it!

Hi Tizzi

Welcome good luck for tomorrow. You can do it. Keep coming on this site its like a fix after a bit. Let us know how you go Linda

Hi Tizzi

Good luck for tomorrow. If it helps - I always find that the actual first day as a non-smoker is nowhere near as bad as you think it will be. I should know! I'm on about my 10th time :o

Just going to keep myself busy only thing I can do. No doubt house will be sparkling like a shiny new pin 2moro - well maybe not :)

Many thanks for words of encouragement! If anyone is packing in 2moro (actually today now!) message me and I'm sure we can get through this together.


Hope your first day is going well. good luck Linda

I work from home and have always smoked at my desk. First thing in the morning it was downstairs for coffee then back upstairs to desk and ciggy. Coffee and cigs go hand in hand - well they have done for me for the last 20 years.

So this morning it was downstairs for hot lemon water and back upstairs with no cig!!! It has only been a few hours so I'm still ok no headache, fatigue or kicking the cat, yet...:) however I just feel 'lost'. Sitting at my desk without smoking is rather alien. I'm sure it will get easy as they days roll on.....

Thanks for asking Boudee - Alex is absolutely fine now I can hear her from my office currently fighting with the other cat!

You definately need something else to keep your hands busy. Get one of those stress balls, or a yo-yo, or a puzzle. Something to go with your hot lemon water!

I know what you mean about a coffee and a ciggy going together. I find I'm drinking way less coffee now!

I never used to smoke in the house. Instead I'd go onto the patio. It took me about 3 weeks before I realised I didn't need to take my tea/coffee outside to drink it :eek:

Keep up the good work...and maybe think about moving your office arround.


Hello Tizzi

Welcome and well done on making such a great decision.

Hope your first day went ok and hope to see you on Day 2 tomorrow.;)

Tizzi Hows day two going. Good I hope

Tizzi Hows day two going. Good I hope

Yeah Tizzi i do hope that all is fine

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