No Smoking Day
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This is NOT an April fool joke

This time last year my quest began to become a non smoker. I still can’t quite believe that I’ve actually made it to my 1st year anniversary.

I had smoked for approx 40 years and after numerous failed attempts I decided to try again.

What was different this time? Being part of a no smoking group for the first few weeks and finding this forum were two major contributors to my success. It was a struggle at first but it got easier and easier as the weeks and months went by.

Strangely enough I have had a few cravings recently:confused: I think this is due to me getting closer and closer to my 1 year anniversary and I have been thinking about it a lot.

It is not a massive problem, it is not painful, nor is all consuming but I think the major difference now is that I still WANT TO BE A NON-SMOKER MORE THAN I WANT TO SMOKE. It’s as simple as that!

I don’t post on here much anymore but I regularly look in for some positive re-enforcement and to see how you are all getting on:)

I cannot thank you all enough for the help, support and inspiration you have given me. Also a big hug to some special friends – you know who you are;)

I feel SOOOO HAPPY right now and long may it continue:D

The the view from up here is amazing...................................................

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Mahoosive congratulations on reaching the penthouse ! Must be a fanatastic feeling and I hope you are feeling very proud, as quitting after 40 years must have been a big challenge.

Hope you celebrate today you so deserve it !

Donna x


Hey Mags


Haven't logged on much myself lately, but I've been keeping an eye out for you!

Honey, I am sooo pleased for you. :D

I'm still bringing up the rear, so please save me a glass (bottle!) of something fizzy and a space in the hot tub for this time next week, when I shall be joining you.

OMG - where did that year go??? You're right to be very pleased with, and proud of, yourself. Massively brilliant achievement. Celebrate. See you soon ... :D :D


Thank you Donna and Lostie:)

Yeh it does feel pretty amazing. Look forward to watching your journey and wish you both the very best of luck.

Shazz WOW indeed:D

Will look forward to welcoming you next week. The party is being organised as we speak:D


Huge well done to Magwillz and Shazza, you must be so proud of yourselves!! :D


Thank you Gemma and Kat it means a lot:D

I like the idea of a parade - Disney eat your heart out:p


Thanks Max:D

You seem to be doing a pretty good job yourself;)


Well done Magwillz, and Shazza - what's a few days, hey!

Congratulations both, anyone that hits the year mark has earned the right to be acknowledged and congratulated for it, it's a great thing that you've done and I hope this is the first anniversary of many to come.

Great stuff! :)


Well done!

Mags..... Another of my very favourite quit buddies, I am sooooooooo pleased to see you in the Penthouse. I too smoked for 40 years Mags, I think we have done pretty well and it is because of people like you and Shazza, that I am here today cos those early days were HARD!!!!! We couldn't remember a time when we didn't smoke so we had to break a life long habit and it wasn't easy but we did it. Loads of love and best wishes coming your way from me Mags.xxxxxx


Thank you Hawkeye - I too hope it's the first of many;)

Haz I am sooo happy to join you in the Penthouse:D

You are one of my special people and I agree we have done pretty dammed well after smoking for so long, even though I say so myself :)

Come on Shazza join us in a tiller girl link - high kicks and high fives lol X


Wow well done on reaching your 1st anniversary. I too have smoked for 45 years, so I know how hard it is to quit something that you have done for so long. You are an inspiration to someone like myself who is just beginning the journey to the penthouse.


Mags - I'm stretching and limbering up ready to dance next week. Clear those tables in the Penthouse Bar! ;)


Words of encouragement just a "click away" :)

Great testimony, thank you for posting Mags.

I'm in to Day 7 of my Champix regime, 12 months seems along way off :eek:


Good luck Jeannie, if I can do it then I'm sure you can too. Just take it a day at a time:) you too Tinribs all the very best of luck;)

Thank you Karri, ye I can't believe it's been a year already. Never thought in the beginning that this day would ever come :rolleyes:


Yo Magz. Yo! :-)

You absolute beauty you. Hot on your heels proud of you.



Dippy, I was hoping to hear from you my friend:D

You can join on the end of the tiller line next month. If its too long and too fast you can use your lovely shiny bike! :eek:


Brilliant work! Many, many congratulations. Well into my 10 month now, had a severe wobble last week, but survived it. The Penthouse is only just over the horizon, and should be sight soon.



Well done my love:). Love reading success stories like yours.

Fi x


Thank you Sdb:)

Thanks Esso, even with your wobbling, I'm sure I will see you enter the Penthouse in a couple of months:D

And thanks to you too Nutmeg. You where always an inspiration to me;)


Diolch yn Fawr Phil XXX


I love it when another familiar name crosses the line of true success. Very well done.



Thank you Mash, it means a lot:D


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