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No Smoking Day
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Week 4 (day 21), not sure how but I'm here !!

Hmm don't know how I'v got here but for the grace of God I am here........It's wonderful to hear everyone on my previous post giving me words of comfort and encouragement.

Had a slightly better day today but still not feeling too happy or buzzy but I accept that things will get better and I maybe have things going on at present that would still be making me a bit moody even if I smoked...

My energy levels have totally sunk and i can relate to the words of Mad old bird Deb on the other thread whereby she doesn't feel thngs seem to be getting easier just yet. I'm positive though and admire others who are so far into this and take the time to relive where i am now so thanks ever so much everyone..

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well done

hiya i stopped on the 1st march and did have good vibes but now suffering again with lack of sleep but if wee smoke for years im sure a few weeks or months of suffering will be worth it to stop

i keep thinking of the pennies and dreaming about all the new things ill be able to get but its very hard and today is the worst day

as for the energy levels ive been using energy drinks lol

2 cans a day one bad habit

good luck and keep the fight up

laura xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi DeeDee :D

Well done on 21 days [4weeks] that's great but sorry to hear you feel a bit down at the moment but as you say they will get easier soon also glad you are positive about this



Hi Laura :D

Well done you 25 days great sorry you are also suffering but keep counting the money and buy yourself something nice as a treat




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