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Bad bad day

I am having such a struggle at the moment, saw my friend in hospiral last night who is so ill, and really hasnt got much longer with us - he is sopositive tho and I came home and soooo wanted a ciggie, but didnt have one. Have come into work today and am trying to do all my staff P60's and end of year returns for the Inland Revenue and everything is going wrong with it - the computer keeps crashing, have only managed to do 1 member of staff, got 46 more to go - I am so stressed that I want a fag!!!!!!!

Sorry for the rant, am now going for a walk outside the office to try and calm down!!!!

Deb :(

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The demon is trying to trick you into smoking. Just remember. Whether you smoke or not the computer will keep crashing. I am truly sorry about your friend, but smoking will not cure that either. Please try to be strong and ride the waves. It will pass soon and you will feel so positive about yourself. xxxx


Rant away, but remember that having a fag isn't an option, as smoking would only make you feel angry with yourself on top of everything else!!

Hang in there, all the best with the p60's and pc's.




Hi Deb

Hope by now your feeling a little better. Just remember we will have good days/bad weather we smoke or not. Can you go somewhere and scream that always helps. Sorry about your friend and Im sure you will have a good day tomorrow.xxxxxx


hi all, thanks for the support -my day didnt get much better only got 5 return done, oh well another day tomorrow - all i seem to get is everyone wanting a piece of me, i'm being pulled in so many directions. I know i'm feeling really sorry for myself at the moment, and its bloody pathetic, I am normally such a strong person, but this is just making me so miserable, oh well only i can change it - its all up to me, its my choice

going for a long hot soak trying to calm down and get my head in the right place

love to all - - - thanks, thanks thanks

deb x


But. You didn't smoke. I applaud you, well done. xx


You are doing great Debs, least you didnt do what I did last week I so hated myself for giving in.....this time I will be strong like you x


So far so good, still got that nagging going on but havent given in to it. Just wish sometimes that I was not the person in my whole family that everyone calls on and expects them to be there for them at a drop of a hat, I must just either be a fool or a soft touch but then thats what most mums are like aint it. Any way thank you all so much for your support, am going to have an early night to try and get some sleep and get rid of the black circles, and hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

Trendy, good luck with your new quit, sure you will do it hon

deb x


Hi Debs

So sorry you are having a bad day, also sorry about your freind and then a bad day at work as well

Don't apologise for having a rant we all do at times, it does us good to let it all out and where better then here where we all understand how you feel, did the walk help I do hope so always worked for me and also as Fiona says the demon is playing his mind games with you as well

I know what you mean about always being expected to be there for others and hope you feel better now, this will get better just hang in there you're doing great




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