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No Smoking Day
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Day 10 and struggling

Hello all, i quit on Friday the 15th and today is day 10.

This is my first post but i have read everything on the site! The forum has kept my going so far :D

I am using 25mg patch and 4mg lozenges.

The first 4 days were great, unexpected to say the least and i thought "wow, this is easy!". But then day 5 hit and the massive cravings started, day 6 was the same and day 7 was a nightmare :(. Day 8 was a slight relief but day 9 and today have been the worst yet.

I do not seem to have problems with anything else other than an almost overwhelming sensation in my throat/chest area. I have read alot of post but everyone describes thier "crave" a desire to smoke but noone mentions a physical feeling of burning or irrataion in the airways.

I suffer from acid reflux too and maybe the burning i get is that, but it is that exact feeling that makes me want to smoke! (maybe thats my trigger)

I have never been closer to buying some cigs today because my brain is telling me this feeling isnt going away and something must be wrong. I mean, surely it isnt normal to be on 50+ mg of NRT per day and still have constant cravings? its none stop, not just 3 mins as people have mentioned.

Sorry for going on a bit.


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dont give in you are doing sooo well, i had a terrible 10th and 11th day and thought i would never get through, but i did and now on day 14...it does get easier. I am using patches also and inhalator but you just have to keep dealing with the side effects, whatever they are, everyone gets different ones, please dont give up it does get easier !! read through some of the posts on here this also helps :)

sylvia x


Thanks for the encouragement :)

However, im finding it differcult to believe it will get easier (for me) because the first 4 days were so great. My chest was puffed out, i could breathe better, i could smell and taste and my energy was high! but day 5 till now has been a cascade of craving getting worse every day.

Maybe the burning throat from couging or acid is emulating the craving trigger i had. No matter if it is or not im getting it constantly.


Hi Carl :)

First of all welcome to the forum and second


You could be suffering with side effects from the losengers my friend used them when she stopped and suffered with hiccups and acid reflux how many are you using each day?

You could always go see your doctor or nurse if your concerned

Your doing so well getting as far as you have try sipping cold water or sucking on an ice cube dont forget your body has to adjust which takes time

Try not to be to hard on yourself it will get easier honestly




Hello Carol and thanks for the welcome.

I am using about 6 or 7 lozenges per day, i take them to overcome the craving rather than once per hour like my cessation nurse said. When i started these things i did get a horrible feeling in the bottom of my throat, like something was stuck (but nothing was). So perhaps you are right and i need to stop using them.

I also dont know how it works but 6-7 4mg lozenges plus a 25mg patch is a hell of alot more nicotine than my 15 cigs a day i was having. Would this have an effect?


Hi Carl

Welcome and well done on quitting. I do hope you've made it to day 11 and that you're feeling a bit better today. :D

That does seem like a lot of nicotine, but you mention you've been advised by a smoking cessation nurse - if she knows what you're taking and/or has advised this level, then you should be OK.

I'd recommend giving her a call. Check your dosage with her and explain your symptoms - she may be able to help.



Hi Carl! Yes, I would be concerned about being on more nicotine than I was smoking in the first place but it's fairy common practice to recommend those amounts.

In my own *personal* experience I have felt much worse taking more NRT than I was smoking, and have never got on with the oral NRT too well. I can just about cope with a gum once or twice a day but I would always get a burning throat, tongue sores and headaches from an overdose of nicotine! :D

Given that you're on a nice high patch dose perhaps you could try one of the other oral medicines and see if your symptoms improve? Keep going though! You've done so well!!


I made it to day 11 and i do feel a bit better, i even went to the shop to buy some cigs yesterday, however i bottled it and bought some rennie instead ha.

I dont have the greatest confidence in my cessation nurse, she is a nice woman but she calmly informed me nicotine isnt harmful at all when i asked if i was on too much NRT. I menntioned something i read that a 60mg drop of nicotine can kill a large man and she laughed saying no no its like smoking 60 cigs thats all!

Onwards and upwards, i go on holiday today and looking forward to enjoying the fresh air with my kids.

Thanks all


To even think about returning to your cell, after 11 days of freedom, does not bear thinking about.

You know that as well as I do!

Stay really strong and hang in there during this tricky 10 -15 day time slot. Lots of good luck pal...you can do it.


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