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Been to the drs

I went to the drs and explained what had happened on wednesday and ask if I could try the Champix, he said yes he could prescribe it for me but he thought I would be better going to the smoke clinic. I explained I had been and that I have an appt on Wed but I would like to start this weekend on the champix while I am still very motivated. He said he didnt think it was a good idea so close to my failed attempt. I got mad and said so when I go to the clinic they will say the same will they. He said the may do, he said I needed to think if this was the best time to quit. I said my life isnt going to change anytime soon while I am looking after mum and bro and that I dont want to use them as a reason not to try. He told me to go away and have a serious think about whether I was up to quitting as he said if i failed on the champix it would be a double blow and it might knock me down too much. I left in tears feel like there is no one to help, I will go to the clinic but from the sounds of it it will be the same story there. If so I will going this alone.

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He sounds like a prize ejit to me!I can only think these doctors are targeted to get people into the "clinics".

The fact that you went and asked seems to me indicative that it is the right time, but if he wants to look at it like that its always the wrong time to quit smoking, I spent years putting it off because of this and that without the need for some dipstick doctor questioning it for me!!!!

Have a look at the FFSonline or quitsmoking online programs in my sig and work through them. You may find they help enough to give you the strength to quit without the aid of Champix.

Best of luck



Hi Mel:D

What a prick that so called Dr is who doe's he think he is GOD telling you not to quit I thought they were there to look after and help their patients not knock them back as your's is the way they waffle on about smoking being so bad for us which we already know anyway but ask for help and you get treated as a moron who doesn't know your own mind

Personally I think he is a complete moron and a disgrace to the medical profession Why not try Nic's suggestion and see how you get on You know we on this forum will be right behind you every step of the way and when you've done it without his so called help you can take great pleasure in taking him down a peg or two I would and would also consider reporting him to the BMA that'll teach the b........d




Yes Jim I agree she should be given Champix and the doctor is a knob. The expectation as far as I read it was that the clinic would say no as well.

Champix, zyban and NRT only really give you the confidence to come of fags, the addiction is much more a mental dependency than a chemical one which is why people using "therapeutic" nicotine still get cravings.

I and Marg just suggested that she try one of the courses, they are really good and help get the mind in the right place. You start off doing them while smoking and if it works then great if not maybe enough time would have passed for the doctor to consider it not as a "rebound" request.

Whatever you do Mel, you know that we are all routing for you and will always offer our support .




this makes me so bloody angry-Drs these days really think they are playing God-you should suggest he/she goes on a course themselves to understand the need for people coming off a strong addiction like smoking. :mad::mad::mad:


Trendy, So sorry the doctor was a complete #*@! Here, in the states, the doctors all tell you "you need to quit smoking", but never offer help or make any suggestions on how to quit. We do not have the clinics that you all have, nor do we get free NRT's.(at least not around here in Ill. or when I lived in CA for 35 years, never found any there either). If you think you can go CT, I will tell you that for me, it wasn't as hard as I thought.(Expected to be rolling on the floor in withdrawls and climbing the walls etc.) The link made the most sense to me and really helped to get my mind in the right place. ( found that link thanks to Nic) Give it a try and see if it helps you. Whatever you do, we are all here for you. Remember, you choose to quit smoking! Say that to yourself everytime you feel like a cig.

Quit: Jan 18, 2009

Method: CT



admirable reply, but, be fair - you used Champix, Nic used lozenges, I used patches .. we all felt we needed something to help us quit - and it's easy in hindsight to suggest to others to try going CT - but that didn't work for us, did it?

If Trendy (Mel?) has tried NRT and failed, and wants to try Champix and there's no good medical reason why not, then I think she should damned well have it !

I'm agreeing with you in that the doctor sounds like an idiot - but I think it's a bit strong to suggest going CT when we weren't strong enough to go down that route in our quits..



Hi Jim

Think if you re-read my reply to Mel you will find it was her Dr I was having a go at not Mel who has already said she will go it alone if she has to I was not implying that she souldn't have Champix or anyother damn thing to help her quit but sounds like her Dr no bleedy help at all and neither will the clinic be if what he says is true and as Nic say's we are all here to help as much as we can

I Can't believe you mistook my meaning like that just what do you think I am anyway all I ever try to do is help others as I was helped




I am so sorry to read about that prick of a doctor.. Imposing his will over you like that. Damn well fills me with rage. Youve gone to see him because you want help and the ignorant twat doesnt see that as cause enough to give it.. AGGGHHHHH!

right then I am calm again now....

Only you will know If CT is for you.It has worked for thousands of other people and is working just fine for me and could with the right 'mind' work for you. I know nothing of your personal situation, but I know how emotional and physical stresses can make these things much harder. The loss of my mother 16 months ago , today being mothers day and a few other things have left me a bit of a wreck today. And today unsurprisingly has been the hardest day. If ive not reached for the fags I am sure you can resist too....I dont have any special tricks. I am just not going to smoke.

All the best




I had a similar experience with my doctor when I asked for a repeat perscription of nicotine patches. he refused to give them to me saying that I had to go back to the clinic. I wanted to stop the following day and didnt want to wait for an appointment, so I started with an old patch then bought some gum. Needless to say I started smoking again soon after and didnt try quitting again until this time. I think that was around 18 months ago.

Its so annoying when you have set your mind to it, did you try the chewing gum last time or just the patches as if you started cold turkey you could always have the gum to fall back on.

Thinking of you and let us know how you get on and what you decide to do xxxxx


The power of positive thoughts....for Trendy!

Hi Trendy,

Now this may be a little controversial however I think it's important. You and you alone know the detail of what you and the doctor discussed precisely, I'm sure as a medical professional they would have been considering what's best for you. Let's forget that conversation for one moment and focus on the facts, you and you alone are quitting, you have no champix at the moment - can you do it? Let me share another thought with you....."If you THINK you can you probably will and if you THINK you can't your probably right" the intention of this quote is to focus on the mind ... your thinking around can use your thoughts as you empower you i.e. I am a non-smoker from now on...or to disempower you i.e. I'll never be able to quit without champix. Focus on the positive and you will get the positive...our subconscious minds are amazing...they can work with a positive but not with a negative...give it a go and BELIEVE in yourself...YOU ARE SUCH A POWERFUL PERSON IN CONTROL. Good luck!


Hi There,

I too have failed in recent weeks on nrt but when i went to my smoking nurse yesterday she also tried to insinuate that i was maybe not ready, come back in 6 months etc....i live overseas at the mo where cigs are really cheap and she thought the motivation of eventually coming back to uk would spur me on in around 6 mths time but i want to stop NOW!!

I just stated quite calmly that if i didn't do it now i never would and i would like champix...tried to put me off but made me app to see doc anyway..i told him i was dreaming of giant cigs etc ( which is true by the way!!) and that i think i'm a prime candidate for champix, if it blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain, that is the help i need etc etc and hey presto...i got it. Maybe go back and try that approach? I think anything is worth trying ...anyhow...sorry for rambling but hope this helps a little, gotta be worth another go.

Good luck xxx Dippydoris xxx


Hi Doris Im off to smoke clinic tomorrow, but Ive not had any cigs since yest evening. Think im just going to plod along as I am and just tell her that if I have probs this time I would like champix if they dont let me I may just have a tantrum lol


yes throw a tantrum roll on the floor stamp your feet and shake your legs

you will feel loads better after....


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