No Smoking Day

Day 9

I've made it to Day 9 without smoking and I've also been off the patches for two days.

The last two days have been pretty dark. Quitting smoking is hard enough but I've been fighting a throat infection as well and have been feeling really run down and tired. All of this has led me to feel quite depressed for the last couple of days. I'm starting to feel a little better now though, and am looking forward (!) to a busy day in work tomorrow.

It's been nine days so there's no going back now. I just need to learn how to live without 'em from now on.

Wes x

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Good for u m8, u r doing really really well and nicotine free for 2 days, thats even better. Just remember we r all here 4 u


Hi Wes :D

9 days is great well done you and off the patches for 2 days as well So sorry the last 2 days have been rough with a bad throat but glad you're beginning to feel better again

By tomorrow night all the nicotine will be out of your system for good and as you say you have to learn to live without them but so do we all and everyday we will all find it a little easier it just takes prictice





I am on the same day as you, and i have not been to well aswell got throat infection to, but i am using the inhaler and cant use it as it hurts.

well done to getting to day 9,



day 10

Well done Wes on reaching double figures today.

Also ditching the patches as well. Good for you. By this evening you will have all the nicotine out of your body:D

Congrats to you



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