No Smoking Day

Week Two Commences

Hey guys and gals....just started week two today, so that means i am on day 8. Week one out the way and rolling into week two yay!! feeling very positive. Still getting stressed out at stupid little things and my poor wife has been taking the brunt of it...not fair i know...!

think when i feel myself getting stressed i'll go out side for a bit and chill out. Other than that i am doing well and feeling very good about quitting.

Am going away to Atlanta next week with a mate thought who smokes like a chimney so that is going to be hard when we go out in the evenings out there....any tips ??

all the best


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Hi Stevie :D

On day 8 that's great well done keep it up

You ask for tips to deal with going to Atlanta with a mate who thinks he's a chimney thats easy Just say no I won't smoke today and keep stick to it you know you can do it




Yay! Well done Stevie!

The trip to Atlanta? Just remember, your friend who smokes will be more envious of you than you will be of him (although he won't admit it!).


Have a good trip and remember the guy you are with is a junkie, you are sorting out your addiction he is still in denial and you don't want to have to go back over the 1st week of quitting again. You are better than him because:-

He stinks,

He is poisoning himself,

He is paying through the nose for the privileged of doing so,

He will be very uncomfortable not feeding his addiction on the plane and airport,

He does not enjoy smoking even though he may think he does, hi is just feeding his addiction.

Stay strong you are doing great,



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