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No Smoking Day

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Two weeks today!!!!!!


Just had to share my accomplishment with all you lovely people...

Today is exactly 14 days for me that I have been a non smoker and I feel good!:)No cravings and I dont miss it, Never felt better!!!

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nonico7 Years Smoke Free


Congratulations Carolyn05 - that is a great achievement!!

I'm glad you're not having any cravings & don't miss it at all. :)

Keep going like this & you'll sail into the penthouse.

thats a great positive post well done you :)

onwards and upwards is the only way to go

Thank you both!:)I think what has helped me a lot is that Ive tried to stay positive from Day 1 and it really has helped a lot:D

Have a lovely weekend!!!

Great to see you fighting off those demons with a positive mental attitude!! :-)

Looks like your well on your way!


definately Chris:)You stick with me and WE CAN DO THIS:D

definately Chris:)You stick with me and WE CAN DO THIS:D

Right behind ya - don't you worry!!! This time tomorrow - I'll be at the fortnight mark too! :-)


Good enough reason to feel proud of yourself! Im proud of you and will check up on you everyday and make sure that you are still with me:)

we are doing well!

Well done - super achievement and so glad you are feeling so positive.

I reach the giddy heights of two weeks tomorrow and am so proud of myself. I have generally been in good spirits although this week has tested me at work but I have overcome the challenges without having to smoke :o

Me too!

I'm right there with you guys! Isn't it a great feeling? :D

absolutely marvellous!:D

I find I barely find myself even thinking of cigarettes anymore, especially when Im at home! How about you?

Well done :D

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