No Smoking Day

Day 5

Day 5 can be a tricky one. The excitement of being an ex-smoker may be starting to slide a little. At this point some people even start to question their motivation and ask themselves “Is this such a good idea?” Or (more worryingly) “Hmmm if I have got this far, I can always give up another time…”

If this is how you are feeling, you need to quash those thoughts quickly. There are two things you need to think about right now. Firstly, now, more than ever before, is the time to concentrate on today and today alone. So for now, let’s take it one step at a time and just concentrate on getting through today without a cigarette.

The second thing you should focus on is that before long it will get easier. And you are already through the hardest part already. What’s more, your body has a clear message for you today. Your smoker’s breath has gone! That’s because your body has already got rid of some of the harmful waste products lurking in tobacco smoke that make your mouth and breath smell like an old ashtray.

So having read this, are you feeling more positive? lets hope so because you’ve got a lot to smile about.

all the best guys.


3 Months, 1 Week, 1 Day,

7/12/2008 22:45


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I agree..... there is a lot to smile about..... BUT it is easy at times to forget what there is to smile about during those first few weeks...... come and read or post on here if you forget... it does get easier. Keep going day by day and keep :)


Hi Roy :D

What a great post and so very true

Well done on over 3 months quit



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