Bad day!!!

Hi all

Feeling a bit sorry for myself yesterday and today. My emotions are all over the place. I am trying to keep positive and thinking of the 3 day, 3 week, 3 month blues and as I am still in week 3 I know this will pass, hopefully very soon.

Having a real good read on the web sites again trying to put my mind in the right place. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.



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  • Hi Eileen

    Sorry you feeling a bit yuk yesterday and today most of us have some emotional days from time to time but as you say this will pass and very soon good idea to have a read i always found it helped me

    Big Hug on it's way just for you hope you feel better tomorrow



  • Eileen.

    Dont get down .. Think about what youve acheived. Your amazing. Youve quit the fags 'just like that' ... Thats an epic acheivement. well done. Ok so that may be 'bigging it up' a little but dont take what youve done lightly. Hey if you cant blow your own trumpet who will ( apart from us of course).

    I am just behind you at day 14.. and admittedly I get a little down but I get over it by thinking about what I have acheived and how for so long I was actually so convinced I would not stop smoking that I did not even try and Look at us now.:)


  • It will pass, Eileen!! Just keep going day by day..... I had several super lousy days in week 3..... The first month I actually remember only having had 2 'good' days.... truly! I've now had 3 'good' days in a row and I am only a little ahead of you! So keep going, keep busy, think positive thoughts and :D:D

  • Keep struggling Eileen stop struggling and you'll be back to square one. Even though you're feeling a bit rough you didn't have a fag and that can't be bad can it love? We only have good days and better days. David

  • Hang on in there! I too am having a mare of a weekend. Just a string of nicotine niggles, a husband puffing away, smokes 2 inches from my grasp and no time to get on here and sort my head out. We are all doing so well, try and read and I will promise to practice what I preach! xx

  • Hi Fiona :D

    Sorry you're ahving a rough weekend as weel as Eileen Hope you both feel better tomorrow



  • Feeling better

    Thanks everyone for your support.

    Went for a good long walk this evening to clear my head and lungs.

    Feeling a hell of a lot better tonight thank god.

    Fiona you are doing so well. You have some willpower with your husband smoking. My husband doesn't smoke but if he did, the way I was feeling today I dont know if I could of been as strong as you.

    Feeling positive about tomorrow!!!

    Fiona I hope you are feeling better too and we will keep going onwards and upwards :D



  • Hi Eileen :D

    Glad you're feeling better



  • Hi Eileen,

    Wanted to post last night but got distracted! You have the same quit date as me so I have been following you!! (not stalking!) so was sad to see your post yesterday but pleased you got through it.

    I had a very stressy day yesterday and seemed to spend alot of time shouting and slamming doors! Not very proud of myself on that score.

    I feel calmer today but have noticed I am using the inhalator more than usual.

    So it could be something in the water!!

    Good news that you are back on track.


  • I wonder if its a domino effect? One topples and the rest fall! There does seem to be a lot of struggles with the mental issue with us lot. I am on week five now. Maybe its a Feb thing! Or yes, something in the water!! xx

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