bad day

Hi all

I had a real bad day yesterday it will be 10 weeks this Monday since my quit, 9 weeks of the 10 have been cold turkey. I was so near to buying a packet of cigs, it can't be withdrawl because the old nic has been out my system for a long time, I read some more Allen Carr book and put it down to brainwashing. Today I have had phlem coming loose it's a strange feeling in my chest want to cough it up but nothing is coming up. I'm so pleased I didn't buy any has any body else felt like this? Thank God for Allen Carr

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  • Ho Cooper

    Sorry your having a bad time. Try and ride it out I think we would have these day if we smoked (i have had a few)

    But because we Quitting blame that. Has sue said you would be gutted if you give in now and would be back quitting really soon. someone said to me once dont keep doing it to yourself quit for a year see if its for you silly but Im trying it HEHE. Linda xxxx

  • thanks

    Thank you eveyone for your support, hubby can't understand he's never been a smoker. It was terrible that bad day just took me right off guard when I least expected it, It felt like I was on day 3/4 of my quit, I feel better to day. It really un-neved me some what, maybe I was feeling too confident and my brain was just reminding me I was still over coming old nic. Just shows how powerfull an addiction nicotine is.

    Jill x

  • Morning Cooper

    Soooooooo pleased your feeling better. know what you mean son never smoked thinks i should be well over it by now. If only HEHE Have a crave free day. Linda xxxxx

  • Hi Cooper.

    sorry about your bad day, i think we all had some days like this our-self. but

    smoking will not make you feel any better. you will be so up-set with yourself.

    after coming this far without smoking. you wont like day one, so stay here

    with us and we will look after you, DONT SMOKE:mad: be thinking of you...

    have a lovely bank-holiday:):)


  • Morning Cooper...

    Hope your weekend's improved with time!! It's very scary, but the more I read on this forum, the more I am convinced that we will have to be on our guard for a long long long time...

    I suspect the time period in which we are still susceptable is in direct proportion to the time we have smoked? But I don't know for sure - just seems very logical!!

    In which case, I will still be having the odd crave on the way to meet my maker:confused::eek:


  • Morning Cooper...

    I suspect the time period in which we are still susceptable is in direct proportion to the time we have smoked? But I don't know for sure - just seems very logical!!

    In which case, I will still be having the odd crave on the way to meet my maker:confused::eek:


    Hi Nicky

    I don't think everyone still craves a cigarette years after stopping smoking. If you constantly think that you WILL crave a ciggie after X amount of years then maybe you will because you have conditioned your mind to think that.

    I don't believe for one second that I will still be thinking of cigs in a year's time. I think about them more right now because I still use this forum and still write on my blog, if I didn't do those two things, my thoughts of cigs would be even more limited.

    Soooooooooooo, no negative thoughts that you might still be craving in a year's or 5 years time! :)

  • hi maddy...

    Have to say a disadvantage of this forum is reading about people way down the quit line who DO still get craves and in some cases go back to smoking having been quit for a very long time...:mad:

    It would never have occured to me that I would still be craving now after 5 weeks, let alone in a few months time, if I hadn't read other people experiences on here!!!

    I'm not negative, I just think that some of us will have to be on our guard for a long long time...hopefully only a very few...:D


  • For what it's worth Nicky, I've got an expectation that my body will need roughly one week for every year I've smoked to get back to a pretty much non-smoker's state.

    That probably doesn't mean too much scientifically, but I can surely feel changes going on still, and the odd crave (not much now, though, and usually associated with drinking!).

    Really, it doesn't matter how it goes as long as we never get complacent. The last time I lost a quit of any length (many years ago) I think it was in part because I got 'cocky' about it.

    I get what Maddy is saying about negative thinking.


    Just like that.!


  • I would just like to add that I agree you should never become too complacent in your quit also. Its all about finding a happy medium. A place where you are not consciously thinking about cigs yet at the same time be able to deal with any 'freak' triggers.

    My attitude is very much a positive one towards stopping smoking, the exact opposite of my last quit and I have to say, adopting a positive approach has made this quit really easy. I feel an aversion to cigarettes now and can't believe I ever relied on the dirty things :eek: When I think of never smoking another cigarette EVER again, it gives me a 'high' feeling, not one of doom 'n gloom (as was the case in my last quit). I guess I just feel 'free' thanks to having a positive attitude and my chains to the nico monster have been severed permanently and that feels good.

    So, in a nutshell, go about your life and revel in the 'feel good' feelings you experience from being free but also reserve a small square at the back of your mind that no one is infallible to relapse completely, but make the positive part more prominent. After all, we've done a great thing in kicking the weed and damn right we should feel good about that.

    Edit: Re my last para, about remembering to not get too complacent, right now I really do have an aversion to ciggies and I do not have to resist any cravings or thoughts of wanting a cig because I genuinely do not get any craves/or thoughts of wanting a cig (right now) so its kinda hard for me to get the feeling of 'not becoming too complacent'. Does anyone else feel that? Assuming you understood what I just said? lol Its like, 'cos I'm not fighting anything, why do I need to put up a guard to not become too complacent? arrghh Man I just can't explain myself lately!

  • Sorry, can I just add that I do have my 'down' times re cigs. But I find it easy to get my spirits up again by reading some of my AC book or just seeing someone with a fag in their hands and also by just reminding myself of how well I've done and my positive attitude comes back. Now if only every aspect of life was that easy!

    My 'down' times are not times of wanting a cig as such...just sad thoughts about them. I can't really explain them too good.

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