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No Smoking Day
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No giving in to giving up!!!!

Day 4 was pretty good, but I did have to 'motor' myself in the garden a lot. ie. Keep busy to keep my mind of 'it'.

I'm not sure whether or not alcohol is a good or bad thing. At times I feel that if I can't smoke, surely I can have a glass or two of wine? I do not get the urge to smoke more when I've had a glass of wine, but I'm acutely aware that it's dangerous lowering inhibitions. So, I reserve it for the evenings only.

TV seems to take my mind off it.

I feel at the moment that I've done four days - and that I have to make it stick. There's no going back. There must not be a cave-in. Quitting has to be for good this time or I'll just end up going through it all again. And who wants that?

My children are very pleased with me. They would be more disappointed than me if I caved in. Now...... there's a reason to stay stopped!!!!

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Meer you are doing do well you should be proud of yourself for succeeding beating Nic for 4 days, you have gone this long so now for day 5 , one day at a time that's the important mission, you can do this


Hi Meer... you are doing very well so far. Our body and mind needs rewards to carry on with our daily lives.

We as smokers spoiled our minds and to feel good or relaxed we smoked a cigarette.Nicotine is released in the brain 3 seconds after inhaling and we were rewarded by feeling good and when we Quit there is no feel good chemicals released and that is why a glass of wine or 2 makes you feel better and the craving less.

I don't think alcohol is good because Alcohol is just as dangerous as Nicotine.

But yes anything to get rid of the Nicodemon is welcome just as long as we do not get rid of one addiction to get addicted on something else ;)

Stay strong in your quit !!!!!!!


Stay strong Meer! How old are your children? My girly was SO pleased with me - the first time I quit. Each subsequent time she was less impressed, until I wasn't even telling her I was trying, by the end. I'm now nearly 6 months free, and I so wish I'd made it first time round, because she can't seem to be proud of me any more in case I start smoking aGAIN. So I just have to be proud of myself instead :) Keep up the good work (I avoided alcohol. Sleep was my savious, and reading!) xx


Thank you very much - all - for your responses and wise words. My children are 10 and 11 years old (girl - boy). I have only realised now, recently how much smoke does actually smell. How polite they've been over their years...... Not mentioning it to me.

And then this evening........ Oh dear........ Oh dear........... Oh dear. Today I went for an interview for a part-time job. I did not smoke before the interview. I did not smoke after the interview. I did not smoke when I got the phone call telling me that the job was mine. I did not smoke whilst waiting for my wife to arrive home. I did not smoke when she got home and we hugged and celebrated. We had to go out to get some things - and when I got in the car I saw she had bought a pack. She said 'I've only had one'......... I did not smoke one from her pack whilst I waited at the kerb-side for her. I did not smoke today.

When we got home, after a while, I offered her 2 patches to use in exchange for her pack of cigarettes (which I would destroy/mangle). She argued that we should keep a pack 'for emergencies'. She eventually gave me 'her pack' begrudgingly. I then said to her...... 'No. You need to destroy that pack. Not me. You can then have the patches.'. Okay - She spent £8.00 odd for a pack and only smoked one from the pack...... But.... is her 'maths' right...... or mine......?

Hard hard day for me. Thank goodness I have you guys to tell about it!!!!


Hi Meer go you! Well done on your achievement today and congratulations on getting that job, working will also help to make it easier for you while quitting, keep up the good work, another day under your belt, tomorrow is a new one and you can beat that too . Nice to read your updates, it does help to tell others how your coping, which is why having this forum is really handy for talking or just venting, sometimes it's just enough time for that crave to go


Hi Meer

Congratulations on the job but a real big thumbs up for you on staying strong in your quit.

Hang in there and keep us informed.


Hi Meer, your posts are really interesting.

Just a thought, and maybe you won't agree....

don't get involved in your wife's quit. Be encouraging, but ultimately it's up to her. You're setting a fantastic example, but you don't need her to quit for you to do so.

We're all going to be around smokers at times, so maybe it's a good challenge to get used to it!!

You're doing brilliantly, and congratulations on getting the job.



Meer – You have what it takes, your attitude and head is on straight – don't let anything or anyone stand in your way!!! You are on the road to success man and I would be proud to watch your journey!! There is nothing as beautiful and calming as a well kept smoke free garden for you and your children to play in :-)


Thanks for all the responses. I didn't post yesterday because after I got home from day 1 at the job (Yep - they started me straight away!!!) - I was plain...... knackered!!! I must say it was nice to be at work and not be bothered about having a cig!!! (Others were sneaking out for a fag....... :-) ).

I was really really tempted last night to have a cig. I made do with an e-cig. Lesser of two evils - imo. It is after all an NRT.

No time to write more today...... too much to do.....

(Oh... My wife went and smoked the whole packet...... :roll eyes:)


Meer... you must just stay strong and I like the attitude that you see this as a good challenge !!!!

Go for it and stay strong !


Phew!!! Talk about a challenge!!! New job - super stressful as they want me to learn it asap and put me on duty tomorrow...... Anyway..... Another day completed... Only used patches and e-cigs a little.

My children tell me that 'Mummy has been smoking secretly....'. Tut, tut.

I am very very aware of the benefits of being 'clean'. Makes life so much easier really. Keep going this way. No little 'One won't hurt' moments. I've been there before......

Oh - I suppose I should say what the job is. Well, kinda this and kinda that. I am 'Night porter' in a 45 room hotel. Erm. No. Not just bag carrier. I run bar from 11pm until they (the guests) drop. I am in charge of the whole building safety and security wise. Set all up for breakfast. Do all paper work for next day arrivals. Do all accounting for End of Day. Check guests in and out....... and change bed linens/rooms/problems when needed...... basically everything. I think the list is very long. Takes me a while to read through it. And learn it all.

Long time since I had to do all that. Still, at 54 - I'm not saying no to a challenge. :-)


Meer.... Sounds like a very interesting job you have got there... and will keep you busy and keeping busy is the easiest way for a clean quit.

You are doing very well.so far and the saying is that we will never be to old to learn or take on a challenge for that matter.

Big thumbs up for you .......


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