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No Smoking Day
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Giving up smoking tomorrow

Hi my names Paula, i am planning on giving up smoking tomorrow. I really want to give up, its more of a habit as i really dont enjoy them any more but i get very moody when i try to give up and thats always my excuse to go back. I have a son who as had 2 open heart surgerys (i dont smoke in the house near him) he will need to have another surgery in a few years and i worry that i wont be healthy enough for him, if i carry on smoking. I have been smoking for 30yrs. My gums are becoming unhealthy and i dont want to loose my teeth. I am not worried about gaining weight as i am a stone under weight so will do me some good. I wrote a list and i came up with 26 reasons to give up smoking and only 3 reasons not to :eek:. Does anybody have any good tips on controling stress and anger, they are my main down falls and what i need the most help with, thanks.

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Goodluck with your quit-the forum is an excellent way to share experiences, read tips and rant and rave when need be!!

Post often and keep intouch

all the best xxx


Hi Paula

Education is the key!!

Have a browse through the links in my signature, and you'll find all the info you need.

Understanding the addiction seems to be the best way to beat it!




Hi and welcome!

I am much less stressed now as a non-smoker than I was when I smoked - that's because I'm not craving for my next ciggie. Also I don't have the stress of not being able to afford things, nor the stress of health worries, nor the stress of 'have I got enough ciggies to last me tonight?'.

So you see, being a non-smoker IS less stressful in the long run. In the short term, while you are quitting, this forum is the best for stress and tempers!! It'll either make you laugh or offer some comfort.


Thankyou for the replys. I will read through the links later. I have never tried to quit on a forum before so might help with others. I will more than likely be posting again tomorrow when i'm flipping out :eek:. i really want to do it this time around, i beleive if i don't i never will. Thanks again.


Paulabee - just read through some of the threads and click on the links. Everyone is here for the same reason - to stop smoking and never smoke again.

Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can........... abnd there are lots of people on here who say the same.

It won't be easy but it will be worthwhile and remember the forum is always open and you can rant and rave all you like and someone will help!!

Be strong and just get started on your new life!!



Paula, Welcome to the forum. This is the best place to go for help and support! Read as much as you can from the links people here give you. Understanding why we think the way we do about smoking will help your quit go much easier! I was so surprised that it was easier than everyone told me it would be. Thought it was going to be horrible and impossible as I had smoked 20 to 30 a day for 35 years! The fear was why I didn't try to quit. Write a list of reasons you want to quit and a list of why you haven't done so before.(Bet you'll find the reasons you haven't quit are all fear based) There is nothing to fear! It's all good.

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Hi Paula

Welcome to the forum and well done on the decision to quit you will get plenty of help and support on here but you also need to read anything you can find come on here a lot we all have a moan at times and it helps releif tension

All the best



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