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Day 7


Its day 7 for me still finding moments tough. This morning had a battle with my mind, it kept saying one wont hurt etc every time I relax a little it starts again. If anyone could hear me they would think im mad only two mins ago shouted dont be silly one will hurt!! Off to sort Mum and Bro out (I look after them) then go and fetch granddaughter got her over night, so wish me luck with the rest of the day.

Big hugs to everyone

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done, keep going and the tough moments will get fewer and further between.

Good luck with the rest of your day.


Hi Melx:D

Day 7 well done you are doing great and the rough bits will as Nic say's get fewer and fewer

Doesn't matter if anyone hears you after all they shouldn't be listening anyway but know what you mean and sometimes it helps to yell

Enjoy you're day


Come on Mel - u can get through the rest of the day easy. As for the tough moments, there will be a lot of them initially but as Nic says that start getting few and far between.

Just think of it this way - if u have 'one that won't hurt' then chances are u will be back to smoking again - that's the smelly clothes, the £30 a week habit, coughing - do you really want that Mel?

You can do it my dear - just keep the faith (as tony likes to remind people;))

Well done Mel

Day seven great work. Its good to keep busy but if things get to much scream in to a pillow helps loads honest. LOL Also one will hurt it will but you back to day one and you dont really want to do the first week again.xxxxx

Day went well in the end, mornings always seem worse and i know I can get over them now. Granddaughter is fast asleep bless her

Thank you for the replies it really helps

Hugs to you all X

Hi trendy-well done for getting through your day-as you said your mind is playing tricks by thinking 'one wont hurt' BUT IT WOULD HURT!!! because you would be back on day one allllll over.....again-now that HURTS!!!!!!:D

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