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Day 7

I tried to quit 2 years ago seriously and failed miserably. Last week Feb 12 I went to Laser Therapy as I heard this really works and you don't feel on edge. Well I still feel very on edge. The fourth and fifth day I almost ran to the store to buy cigarettes and didn' I am smoke free for Seven days today.

Being I lost my job and everything else is wrong in my life...not sure if this is the best time; but I guess no time is the perfect time.

I hope it gets easier. I've been so depressed. Today is the first day I feel a little better and a little proud! Hope I can stick with it!

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Hi F3

Well you should be proud-you have done so well, even though you have found it difficult, it does get alot easier!!!


Hi Free3, I'm sorry to hear that things are not so good in your life at the mo but by stopping smoking you are actually putting a positive thing into your life - as well as saving yourself some money which no doubt you need if you have lost your job.

I have much more confidence and more self-esteem since quitting so hopefully you'll start to feel much better soon - you should be proud of yourself for quitting and getting through the first week.

Keep it up and let us know how you are getting on!


Just remember that you are not missing out, thats whay i felt like the first week, and everything on TV had fags on it!!:mad:

Stick with it and be so proud, the cravings get easier with time. I am on week 3, its still hard but better than week 1.

Keep it up xx


Brilliant! It really does get better, pretty quickly.

Glad to hear it, Thanks xx :D


Hi Free 3

Well done for quitting and welcome to the forum You are on Day 7 and now it really will start to get easier for you the 1st week is always the worst sorry your life has been a bit down but now you have ay least one positive thing in it

All the best



Thanks to everyone for your support and wisdom!

Quitting is a positive, especially if successful.


Well done free3, stay strong :D


Hi free 3

stick with it cos you are now over the worst, particularly if you are quitting Cold Turkey. Isnt that great news.? :D

have a read around the forum and also on whyquit for some great information on quitting, what to expect and how to deal with it etc.

That has been a big help to many on here.


Will do...thnx.

I am also reading Allen Carr's - Easy way to stop smoking.

Just finding it so hard to relax and worried about gaining weight.


Easyway was the big factor at the start of my quit so you are off to a flyer there :D

Dont worry about the weight.

Your metabolism will slow by about 25/30% which means that even eating the same you will probably put on some weight.

Dont worry about that. It is easier to lose weight for most people than stopping smoking and the health benefits of quitting far outweigh (excuse the pun) the negatives of a few extra pounds.

When i stopped i gave myself a year of having a bit of extra weight (i felt it would take that long to get over smoking). In reality i was sure i had quit for good, put on a stone, and then lost it again, all within about 9 months so dont let the possibility of a few pounds put you off. (I was sure i had quit within the first few days )

This will be easier for you than you initially thought, especially with the knowledge gained from Mr Carr and whyquit so stick with it.


Don't worry about weight gain. I did substitute my ciggie for cadbury's choccie biscuits to start with yet still I have only gained 3lbs in the 6 weeks that I have been quit.

I intend to start doing a bit more exercise now I am feeling more healthy so that should shift those extra pounds.

I think putting on a little weight is not a problem if it means you can free yourself from the ciggies.


Thanks for making me smile. Going upstairs now for chocolate!



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