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Hmm,my well my head feels like iv been on the wine all night and got a hangover. IT's so fuzzy and heavy, I drink de caff tea so it's not that. Maybe it's the change to my system. I also feel slightly chesty and not sure if its normal but i feel that my mouth and breath stinks, more than it did when i smoked. i can only assume this is a 'ide effect' of the toxins coming out of my body?

I hope i dont spend all day today thinking (not wanting) about fags ! Soon as i got up i even reached for them then rememberede i dont smoke, Must be the habit but they seem to be the focus of my mind all day long. im fed up with thinking about them and when i would'v usually had one.

Cant believe i have gone soooo long without a fag-its pretty much unbelievable, even my 15 year old lad came in from school and said to me the house smells lovely (yet i smoked outside), the oils are doing wonders for me, they are so refreshing so i hope they help anyone else who tries them .

and iv not even told iv stopped, i want to say to him after a certain amount of time 'mum has not had a fag since ???) hel be so pleased.

anyone else on day 4???

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Hi DeeDee,

I am currently on day 2 without the fags, but I did stop for 6 weeks in the summer and what I found with that was exactly what ur getting now with the headaches, bad breath. It's just ur body getting used to not having fags and the body is mending itself as well.

Day 4 is such an achievement. Just think uv saved about £20 - go out and buy ursefl something nice - u totally deserve it!!

Keep it up



Thanks phillip, i have been buying essential oils to burn and they are such a help, although the house smells gorgeous it is a bit like a massage parlour smell, haha.. Iv also been swimming and yoga this wee, something i certainly would not have had the money for if i brought cigarettes !!

I don't actually crave a fag but it's so odd to have that word at the forefront of my mind and not be able to stop thinking of the dirty wretched things.

Well done to you then and keep it up. Six weeks was good and im sure you will have perhaps been better prepared this time round. Let me know how it goes


Hi im on day 5, and I have got the funny head and the yukky mouth, keep rinsing my mouth out. I keep thinking about the cigs even though I know I dont want one, but in a way it feels like if I let my guard down and forget for a min I will want one (sounds daft I know)

Keep up the good work sound great the sticks you got ;)


Well done to you too, yep its the thought of keep thinking of them like they are running my life, very odd as i dont actually want on .

the little oils smell so citruseee and fresh its gorgeous and my home smells delicious.

keep up the good work xx


Hi All :D

Phil's right the yukky head and mouth are all because you quit and the body is starting to heal by getting rid of all the crap you put there I promise it will soon get better just hang in there you are all doing so well keep it up




thanks Margareth, you know better than all us neweee's on here, you've done absolutely excellent, coming up for 4 months so i think we all need to remind you how well you've done honey. You're sure an inspriration to us all on here....

hope we don't bore you to much, especially when we seem repetitive? WELL DONE to you and thanks again for your posts, they really are a great help XXX


Hi Dee :D :D

Thankyou so much Dee it will be 4 callender months on the 17th and there were times at the beginning when I thought I would never make it

You Newer quitters don't bore me at all and I am pleased to help you all if I can as I was helped when I first started on here

If my posts help you at all then I am more than happy to do so

You guys staying quit is thanks enough




Well done All three of you the first week is not easy but things will start to improve really soon honest. All these things going on are the nicotine and all the other crap coming out prob way the first week is hard. Also we smoked for a long time so it will take a bit of time to get used to not smoking. stick with it you will be so proud of your self.xxxxx


Great job you three!!! The constant thinking of cigarettes is annoying but very normal...... I think it was/is a part of my quit that I hate most.... when I keep busy, I can go long times not thinking about smokes but as soon as I slow down and I am around triggers, all I think is smokes again..... hey, it's annoying BUT we smoked for years and years!!! It will take some time and it will be so worth the irritation and discomfort!!! Keep going.... each day gets easier..... you three are doing real well!!!! :)


Must admit all this thinking of cigs and trying not to is very tireing. Ive been tired out last few days think I could sleep for Britain at the moment lol


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