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A confession to my parents

Im 27 and I got away with it for all those years of my rents not knowing I smoked, how I will never know. My poor parents had to ring before coming around so it gave me enough time to become a non smoker.

Teeth brushed, mouth washed, teeth brushed again. Hands washed if enough time wash hair.Change clothes, Pick up fag butts with carrier bag, yuk. Hide all smoking evidence around the house. The funny thing was I even had my partner doing the same in a panic shes 36. Brush teeth once again just in case.

Poor parents ring me to say they are 10 minutes away, they are even apart of the madness without even knowing. Then when they arrived to find two uneasy people grinning and a almost to perfect house like stepford wives.

All this time I have been hiding this naughty secret. When out in town going down the dogiest alleyways, parks for a smoke just not to be caught.

Trying to tell myself your 27 what are you doing, my life was like the truman show. I was convinced they would pop up at any point as soon as I lit the thing.

Its such a relief now to say to my parents, come around any time but I think the damage is done and they dont seemed to want to come around, I couldnt think why they wouldnt? The thing is I cant tell my parents about the quit as they didnt know I ever started. Now its a new ball game. If they come around I feel I have to hide all of the quit smoking leaflets, wall charts etc. Its endless and very tiring living this under cover life. Im not a bad person just a little mad!

So parents if you were to ever read this post which I hope you dont. Sorrryyy, Im being good now. Much love the "the sporty one in the family" as they call me, I hang my head in shame lol. Ahh I feel better now I have got that off my chest :D

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achh....just tell 'em honey. If they have a sense of humour, bet they knew anyway. I'm 52 and had the reverse situation when i started smoking son and daughter are 27 and 25, he was a big rebel in the past, tried everything...anyway, it became a complete role reversal with both of them lecturing me about smoking, with very concerned little faces...and me virtually going "whateverrrr", s'mylife etc

Have a feeling i'm going to get a gold star on a star chart when they realise i'm being a good mummy again. Ironically my son got really freaked out when i muttered i might try lots of other things too now . Was only joking, but kind of enjoying disconcerting them. Childish i know, but hey, whatever


Surferchick... I am 44 and never told any of my family I smoked. Would go through much the same rigmarole whenever I saw them. When my Dad was dying I went through the most elaborate rituals of going 'for some air' then legging it out into the fields, gasping down a fag, legging it back, running to the bathroom, brushing my teeth and washing my hands, before going back into the room. Ridiculous.

But here's the thing: they probably knew anyway. I can smell a smoker a mile off, even if they have brushed their teeth. Smoker's houses REEK. You can smell it on clothes. You can smell it on furniture. You never notice it as a smoker, but... phew.

Your parents and mine probably knew more than we thought, and forgave us anyway. Doesn't it feel good to be a genuine non smoker though, and not have to lie any more? Hell, yeah.

H x


My OH has been hiding her smoking from wider family (not parents/siblings) for 25 years - lots of perfume mints etc. She didn't want them to look down their noses at her as most of them could be part of the bucket/bouquet family and most stopped smoking decades ago.

It took one day of me not smoking to realise she whiffed even with the perfume, so all those years of hiding it were probably in vain.

As my OH still smokes, I can't celebrate small wins on FB as friends will comment (and encourage OH to quit) and her extended family will get to see.

I have to come on here to be smug!!! (4 months tomorrow!!)

Be honest with your folks - they'll probably laugh!!!


they already know for sure i never realised how much i stank as a smoker and always thought chewing gum and a hand wash got rid of it oh how wrong i was

i can smell a smoker at a hundred yards and once they have walked past i can smell the trail they leave for ages

i thought i was always a secret smoker i know now i wasnt



Talk about the elephant in the room if they did know lol they have a great sense of humour, not quite sure they would find this one that funny lol suprise I have been inhaling smoke sinse I was at school ta da! big tumble weed. This is how there faces would look :eek:

FB was another danger lol all those social photos, glass of wine in one hand a fag in the other. I tryed to make sure my fag was hidden behind my friends back.

The things we did hey.

Congrats Dave on your four months, I bow down to your success :D


I have to agree, no matter how many times you washed your hands and cleaned your teeth they would smell it, I didnt know my son was smoking till I quit now I let them know I am going and they do the big white vinigar clean thingy and its not too bad but it is still there and they only smoke in their conseratory so I am sure they knew but didnt like to say.

Be honest with them they will probably be glad to know you have quit, and you are 27 so need to be honest with your self as well, congrats on the quit as well x


Thanks for writing this post. Experienced a similar situation for several years. Thought I was the only one!!! So glad to know that I wasn't. I'm now 17 days into my quit and it feels good not to have to fuss before leaning over for a kiss, or worry about my clothes smelling of smoke. In some respects, I feel far more relaxed.

Good luck



Well done on your quit, wow 17 days thats great. I know, its such a relief I no longer live that life. I def feel more relax now. What a palava to get in :rolleyes:

We live and learn! :D


Groan of recognition

I had exactly the same thing - 15 years of being a 'non-smoker' in front of my parents - how did I think they didn't notice?! I can smell a non smoker from miles off now, after only 8 days of not smoking. Guess they knew I'd deny it and couldn't be bothered with watching me lie to their faces... tragic isn't it.

Looking forward to seeing them, and going to tell them that I was a smoker but now I've quit. I think they'll be proud somewhere inside even if they tell me I'm an idiot first!


day 8


I cant actually believe you managed to hide it for so long!!! :eek: I was the opposite, my mum had a sense of smell like a bloodhound and i was getting caught as soon as i started smoking!

She has never stopped lecturing me on it though, I just got used to "switching off" when the lectures started. Now i wished id listened!!!

Red x


I know I cant believe I did either, so naughty :rolleyes:

I am like a new person, no longer walking round with a newsapaper with eye holes cut out of it always on the look out!

I think its one of those decisions you have to make and its got to be for yourself and not for anyone else. :)

I am learning from my quit all the time...


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