A difference already.. taste!

I didn't expect to notice any changes, i thought all the talk of smell and taste was waffle.. wrong!!

It's my day 4, and this morning I chopped a banana and a huge jaffa orange in abowl for breakfast.

Wow.. I'm not usually a fan of oranges, but today it tasted SO sweet, and so juicey, and I can't remember an orange tasting that gorgeous!

If this is a result of not smoking then i look forward to many more orangy healthy breakfasts!

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  • Well done Minnie

    day 4 already the first week is more than half way over. Your doing great ans already seeing the benefits. You go girl.xxxxx

  • you are doing very well minnie,,day 4 ,time goes so quick,, just keep the faith tony keep:D:D:D

  • Hi Minnie :D

    Day 4 already that's just great well done

    Yes it's lovely to be able to smell and taste things properly again and you will find many more benefits as well

    Keep up the good work



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