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day 3: taste buds ahoy!

Well its day 3, iv got my patch on again.

Things Arnt going too bad i recon.. I cooked myself a bacon and egg buttie wich i really enjoyed........

Then they after taste of cooking oil kicked in... Ruined my breakfast.

If this is what it tastes like now Im an ex smoker.. I think i shall be avoiding fried eggs in future :(

sorry for any typos Im on my phone as Im currently awaiting a New laptop charter thanks to my ebt destroying mine xx

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Hey Cherry,

I was wondering whether you would be on this page.

Glad to see you are here.

Keep on keepin' on.

Sorry, but what is an 'ebt'???

Let's stay smoke free!!:D



Ebt = English bull terrier :) aka... George my dog

He decided i didnt need to use my laptop as its a trigger for my smoking... so he ever so kindly chewed my charger... :rolleyes:

Well im moving on to day 4 now, im not finding it that hard if im honest... well apart from the headaches... im gettin vile headaches at 6 am and then roughly 6pm at night.

I woke up due to a headache this morning, decided to go for a bathroom trip seeing as i was awake.... only problem was i couldnt keep my balance, it was horrible, it was like being drunk whilst going into hangover mode... Plus horrible sickness, i just feel queezy all the time... Stupid withdrawel symptoms :(


You're doing so good :-) keep going cause I'm catching you up ;-)


Hiya skills :-)

I've seen a few people posting that they're trying the Allen Carr method, I've not heard of that route before I joined here... Really hope it works for you, and likewise, I'm not interested im regressing this time :-)

Like Barrie, we're all in this together, and to be honest it truly is great to have the support and an avenue to talk to others who actually understand what you're going through. None of my friends here where I live have smoked, so ita difficult for them to comprehend the journey we're all embarking on... And what an exciting journey its going to be. I thought about joining a local support group, but this is far more accessible and working in IT, I'm happier with forums, folks here are awesome too, I really think im going to make some good friends over the coming months :-)

Anyway, the very best of luck to you, and to us all :-)


If this is what it tastes like now Im an ex smoker.. I think i shall be avoiding fried eggs in future :(

Well, I guess it's better (healthier) than suddenly wanting to eat tons of them ;)

And well done on your quit so far :)


Hi Chris , hope all goes well with your quit and yes have made cyber friends who have been amazing and helped me through some hard times. When you say 'exciting journey' I really hope it is for you, but for me it has been a hard slog, probably more difficult than words can explain, just trying to prepare you for what may be some tough times. Hope all goes well and all the best.



Hi Jonny, yeah it was good there for the start... I think the first couple of days it was the excitement of finally taking the plunge that was talking. Today it has hit me and has been a tough one. Not been able to shake to urge to drive down to the shop a buy a pack. I think the hard part starts now. I know its not an option to give in and regress, there are more reasons to stop and only one to continue, and that reason is a weak one... I want to get fit again, to go to the gym, to exercise, to get back into scuba diving, to find someone and settle down... But none of this is possible if I continue to smoke those wretched smelly sticks! I want to stop, in fact its more than that, i need to stop... Yeah, today has been a tough one...

How are you doing now? Are things getting easier/better for you?

Hiya Cherry... How are you doing? Hanging in there?


Hiya guys,

Sorry for not replying any sooner, charger has arrived but iv had a b**ch of a weekend/start of the week.

Yeah im on day 8, still hanging in, had to buy one of them inhalator thingys, after a couple of bad shifts i just really needed a fix.. but instead of spending £3 and buying a pack of ciggys, i spent £40 odd buying more patches, an inhalator and some calpol for my son (who ever said quiting smoking was the cheeper option.. they need to do the math again!)

Iv only used one of the inhalator capsual thingys... i didnt like it, it didnt give me the fix, it just gave me a sore throat and a head rush from inhaling like it had gone out of fashion! :mad:

But... looks like i might need it as a comfort thing as i will be on sick for a while it seems, i have got to have surgery in the morning (already done a breif post on it in another topic) its nothing ex smoker/smoking related, but it is too personal for me to go into. Ill be out at some point tomorrow.. its only a minor op, but its still very scary as 1) its out of the blue 2) its an op and 3) ill be on my own :(

But im sure ill survive :)

Keep up the good work guys, your all doing brill!!

Face it, if i can quit an find it fairly easy... im damn sure everyone else can too xxx


Good to see you're doing well on Day 8 :) How did the surgery go? Hope all is good... I found the same when I first picked up the inhalator... Trick I found was shoret shallow pulls while it is fresh and then strong pulls if needed once it has been used for a bit...

I'm finding now though I just like to have it close for comfort and have not actually reaching for it much the last couple days - but knowing in the back of my mind that it is there if needed, takes the edge of the worries...

Hopw all is good with everyone, and youre all hanging in there? :)


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