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Double figures and a weird taste?

So I've made it to double digits, Day 10 today and despite feeling good I can't help noticing a weird taste in my mouth. Is this normal? Without sounding too rancid there is a weird sensation and an almost 'mucky' feeling in my mouth. And yes I have brushed my teeth and chewed some gum! However there is a weird taste that has begun to build over the past few days :eek:

I've also begun to get a bit of a cough, which I am taking as a good sign having read about the lungs starting to clear themselves:)

Hope my fellow Day 10ers / Two Weekers are doing well too :)



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Hey Han

Congrats on the double digits!! Made it there too!! Phew! feels good and i think it is definitely getting easier? I am definitely thinking about it quite a lot but have managed to stand outside restaurants/the office with smokers and not even be tempted to join in! Wow!!

As for the weird taste probably quite normally, probably a mixture of your tastebuds re-awakening and your body de-gunking!!? I keep getting a metallic taste which is weird and my tongue keeps tingling - very strange!!

I don't think we should be surprised about anything weird to be honest, our bodies must be very confused at the moment!!

keep it up!! :)



Thanks for the well done and right back at ya!! Never thought I could go ten whole days so I am feeling v happy right now.

Metallic is a good description. And its almost like a weird saliva build up - its gross and there ALL the time! :mad:


I'm here too!!! :)

Was just speaking to the girls and realised I'd made it to double chuffed, as are they! :)

Such a busy day at work today but thought I'd sneak on here - I was having withdrawl symptoms from here! Haha.

Congrats all my double figure buddies! :)

Babs x


Very normal

Hey Han,

Well done for getting to double figures.

The taste in your mouth may be due to a few things:

- Oxygen being allowed back to circulate around your gums making your gums bleed slightly - this should pass very quickly

- The inside of your mouth, tongue and throat have years of seeped-in tar which is now clearing itself out. The same applies to your lungs. This is all part of the healing process. They will essentially grow new cells, while the old tar-seeped cells are being expelled through your mouth. This may take a while to clear out - just keep brushing your teeth and drinking lots of water.

You may also get mouth ulcers.

This of course is all temporary - the benefits and freedom from not smoking will last a lifetime. An extended one at that.

Keep going and be strong.




Well done to Han, Tryingveryhard and Babs!! :D

You're all doing brilliantly!!

Have had weird tastes in my mouth too, but I put it down to my body clearing out all the poisons I've been putting into it :)

Gemma x


Hi Han,

I had that too and nothing shifted it till I went to the doc and got some meds. Not only was there a terrible taste but everything I ate tasted horrible. She said it was because the smoke used to kill bacteria. The bacteria wasn't due to bad teeth because I had just spent £4000 at the dentist.


Yaaaay for us Day 10ers! It’s such an amazing feeling knowing I have come this far – hope you all feel the same! :)

Sounds odd but I quite like the idea of a cough (which I think is developing) as it’s an unmistakable sign of a clearout…but this gross taste / salvia thing is just annoying! Thanks for the feedback I guess I have to see it as a positive thing. Although hoping I am not like you Una! :)



I'm only sorry I didn't go to the doc sooner because it cleared up straight away. BTW, the dental work was done just before I quit so wasn't caused by not smoking :D


Definately experiencing similar stuff,weird taste and small ulcers, but my god it feels good to be at day TEN, well done to everyone for getting this far.....


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