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Today the first day of quiting

Hi all well im on champix and today if the first day that im quitting,havent got and fags in house but my god its still hard only the habbit.Booked a holiday yesterday with my best friend and my 15yr old daughter and my friends 2 kids so i have some thing to look forward to.I fly in 16weeks time so none smoker on holiday i will be as my friend dosent smoke.

Just wanted to ask you all is im doing weight watchers at the min and have been doind it for a while more so now as im going away.

Has anyone managed to pack up smoking and not put any weight on?

As my phonix lady said i will only put the weight on if i put more food in my mouth instead of having a fag.

What do you all think?

Partner smokes and his son but i am geting as though i hate the smell so i told them they got to smoke in the back room out my way,I tryed to get them to go with me but they wont so i though i got to do it as going on my holiday with my friend.

So the money i spend on fags im going too put into a jar and that will be my spending money for me holiday that i have never had for 12years as partner isint keen going broad,

Anyway it will be nice to get to know you all and today in trying to keep busy

My name is Kay and i live in Lincolnshire.

We can all help each other x

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Hello Kay welcome to the forum and well done for making the right choice!

'As my phonix lady said i will only put the weight on if i put more food in my mouth instead of having a fag.

What do you all think?'

I'm afraid your phonix lady is a little incorrect there-smoking raises your metabolism, therefore when you stop smoking your metabolism falls, so even if you stick to the same eating habits you will put on a few pounds initially but this is short term (6months) and then your body finds an equilibilum and settles again.

have a great day as a non smoker -its the best thing you can do xxxx


But, on the other hand, if you are anything like me the opposit could happen. Since I have quit, my energy levels have been trough the roof. So, I have been able to give more in the gym and have been more active trough the day. I have acctually lost weight since I quit.

But, if I had gained weight it would have been worth it for being smokefree! I just think it does not have to go that way!

Congratulations on a great decision!


hi kay,,well done on your quit,and well come to the fourm,,i think every body puts on some weigh when they stop smoking,,but kay you can lose the weigh you put on ,but you can not fix the damage that smoking causes,,so whats a bit of weigh compeard to the other allterntive,,so as i say you just keep the: faith tony keep:D:D



Hiya Kay. I haven't been here long, just started my 11th day with patches, the longest I had gone before was 8 hours. You will get a lot of support here, and read the links that get posted. As milena and tonyx have said, get your priorities right, don't worry about the weight for now, get yourself clean first. By the way I'm a "Yellowbelly" too. Keep trying lass and enjoy that smokefree holiday. David


Hi Kay - and welcome.

I stopped smoking at the beginning of January but have only put on 3 pounds in weight. I didn't deny myself food either, in fact I began by replacing the ciggie I had with a cuppa for a Cadbury's Choccie finger or two!

I also did plenty of walking too though - partly to help me if I got a craving. I have also started running today too so hopefully I will shift those pounds (and a few more too hopefully) before the summer!

Don't worry about a few pounds - just get on with kicking out the fags.


Hi Kay

Well done for quitting you will get all the help on here that we can give you

I also gave up with champix as an aid it will still take a lot of will power on your part but will certainly make it easier for you O have put on some weight but as the others have said don't worry about a few pounds at the moment they can be dealt with later

Read lots you will find lots of links in the signatures of the posts here are 2 of my favourites and they have plenty of information on them post often and let us know how you are getting on or to have a rant whatever we don't mind OK

Good Luck



Hey Kay,

no worries about the gaining weight..... I have become a gum addict and all my pants still fit quite fine :) Tony is right.... you can always lose the weight but you can't get new lungs..... good luck. You will do great!


Welcome kay

Not much i can add to what everyone have said but would like to just say Congrats on your quit. also just think in 16 weeks you will be a happy non smoker on her way to a lovely holiday with lots of spending money. Good for you hunnie.xxxxx


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