No Smoking Day

Ditched the patches

They were making me feel worse I think. Yesterday I had very bad cravings on my way to my coaching course. I think part of the problem is I take the patches off at night. Then when wake up in the morning the physical craving is still there till the patch is on and kicking in. By which time the mental cravings join the physical and make it twice as worse! HAve to say they helped the first two weeks get my head around the mental side though. So, all gone. Been 24 hours. Just have urges to eat many crisps and drink juice but because the mental side is dealt with I am having no problems at all. Which goes to show, as Allen Carr says, its the mental issues rather than the physical!

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Hi Fiona :D

So glad the course went well for you I think the crave you had on the way was maybe because you were nervous and at times like that you would have normally lit up I know I always lit up if nervous about something

You are doing really well and am pleased you feel strong enough to leave the patches off well done

Big Hug on it's way :D


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


You sound great, Fiona and good job taking off the patches!! I have to work on the mental aspect over and over..... thoughts can be so sneaky..... good for you for being so positive!!!


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