No Smoking Day

Last ditch attempt

This is my last attempt at trying to hold on to my quit. I am SO close to buying some cigs and I really don't want to. Is anyone else going through a really hard time right now? I mean, so hard that all reason has gone out the window and so desperate for a cig that you really are on the verge of buying some? :(

I have read on here it is supposed to get easier, but its not. If anything, it gets harder. I am going to feel absolutely gutted if I fail now. Yet, the feeling of just giving in to this addiction is becoming all too consuming and I am THAT close. Nooooooooo!

Please, someone come tie me down or summat to stop me going shop lol

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Repeat after me:

I do NOT want to be a smoker.

I don't LIKE being a smoker or I wouldn't keep trying to stop.

When I don't like something, I STOP doing it


I'm just STOPPING doing something that I don't actually like anyway

So, deep breaths, glass of water, and repeat the above


PS/ The shop is shut!


awwww hun, please dont!! you have come so far and done so well .

you have done all the hard work, you dont wanna go back to day 1 and have to start all this again?!!

take it hour by hour today, one successful hour after another, then before you know it, another day is over.

stay on here, read all the new and old posts, keep busy hun


stay on here, read all the new and old posts,

Good advice. Read the "CHAMPIX" thread .I had a fancy for a smoke last night, and HONESTLY, by the time I got to the end I'd forgotten all about cigarettes! (I actually forgot this was a Stop Smoking Forum :D) (It's hilarious:D)

You still with us - you ok?????


Hi, thanks.

I'm still here, at the mo. You know, I have read all the new posts and how excited some people appear when they are having a 'good spell' and I can't remember feeling like that. Maybe a week ago, possibly. Had a day where I was on a right high! But the thing is, many are talking about cleaning and getting stuck in sorting the ironing out or cleaning the car or cleaning something! I guess it makes them feel good to have everything clean and gives them something to do...but here I am without any motivation to do anything :confused: I should try and do something though, because while I'm just sat around the house doing nothing it is magnifying all the negative feelings thus making me want a cig even more...but how do you get the motivation to do something? How do you become inspired to get on with things that need doing and make time go that bit faster? arghhh I just can't get out of this 'dip' ggrrr


i dont think any one thing made me clean the car out, i just needed to do something, anything, then once i got off my butt to do the house or car, i ended up doing it with gusto, anger, venom, whatever you wanna call it

i know i wasnt motivated, just needed to be doing something.


Maddy I know how you feel

The last 3 days have been purgatory for me, bad tempered, headaches, feeling sick etc etc. I have sooooooooooo wanted a cig, and still do, but would feel so like a failure now everyone knows I've quit (still want one though).

I have had a bad couple of days though, my sister is ill, motherinlaw wasn't too good yesterday so had to dash down there and my OH isn't well either. Plus he's never smoked and isn't very supportive, probably because he thinks it's easy so never gives me any encouragement or support.

But, WE WILL COME THROUGH IT MADDY, if we stick together and just keep looking and reading on here I'm sure we'll come out the other end. Lets just take it minutes at a time and soon they'll all add up.

I don't want you to feel like this but I'm so glad it's not just me who wants to go and buy some cigs and smoke the lot.:eek:

Will be thinking about you and sending positive vibes:)


Maddy, how you doing now?


Hi Jude

I'm still nicotine free. Just. I'm seriously debating whether to just give in to the constant urge and set another quit date. After all, as long as I give up it doesn't matter, right? I mean, I can quit when things aren't so tough. To be honest, I don't think I have my head round. In my mind I have already accepted that I am going to have a cig soon :confused: Don't ask! lol

Hope you're doing ok now jude. I noticed you went through a tough patch not so long ago. I bet you felt great that you didn't give in didn't you?


I'm still nicotine free.

:D Well done, Maddie! :D

In my mind I have already accepted that I am going to have a cig soon

And it is a woman's perogative to change her mind. Do you really want to give in and have to start all over again? :( You are doing fine, so please try and stick in there. It will be soooooooo worth it :)


Maddy - don't do it!!

I'm having a tough day today as well.

make a deal with ya - if you won't I won't!!


i really hope you dont but do me a favour hun..........wait till tomorrow untill you decide, ill watch for you tomorrow.

you might feel different then, just remember how far you have come and how proud youve felt when you didnt give in!



Thanks Jude

I won't do it - I'll still be here tomorrow.

Hopefully will feel a lot better tomorrow.

Strange how you seem to cruise along then all of a sudden it smacks straight in the face like a brick!


I will try to wait til tomorrow jude. I will. When I started this quit, it was a spur of the moment decision. It wasn't thought about or planned...all I knew was I had some patches left in my cupboard left over from my last quit and decided, one morning, to slap one on and go for it. However, I smoked a pack of ten fags over the next three days whilst I was using the patches and put myself back to day one and this time with no NRT. Have been CT ever since.

So I guess I never really gave myself a chance to get into the right frame of mind. But then, do you ever hit a point where you feel 'right'? But I believe to be successful you have to really want to give up and be prepared for it. I wish I'd have given myself a few days to try to get used to the idea of giving up and get my mind round it at least a lil bit.

Now, I feel like I need that time. I feel like giving up this lark and go back to smoking for a few days and have that 'getting my mind round' time. Or could it be that my mind is just telling me that so that I will go buy some cigs?

I have read on here numerous times though that you have to have your head in the right place, so surely its isn't ALL to do with just giving in to the addiction? Oh I don't know.

Sorry you're having a toughie as well, annasmummmy. Horrid isn't it? I sure hope your evening improves!


And it is a woman's perogative to change her mind. Do you really want to give in and have to start all over again? You are doing fine, so please try and stick in there. It will be soooooooo worth it

lol I guess! Am trying...:o

Thank you everyone...just about to go for a drive, hopefully things will improve soon eh?


Oh was the last post to annasmummy? heheh N'er mind, I guess it is good advice to 'wait til tomoz!'

cheers :)


Maddy I can't go to the shops now even if I wanted to - just necked a rather large vodka.

Why don't you wait until the morning - see how you feel then.

Please don't let the nic monster talk you into having a cig - that's what's happening to you right now.


no, it was for you both :)


Maddy I can't go to the shops now even if I wanted to - just necked a rather large vodka.

top girl !! i,m having a sly scotch myself !! :D


Tee(Coffee) Total

Don't trust myself with the booze just now though my coffee is tasting a lot better than I ever remember! :D


Don't trust myself with the booze just now though my coffee is tasting a lot better than I ever remember! :D

mate.. everything tastes better..

food, coffee , tea etc , and fizzy cola sweets.. woo-hoo :D

always trusted myself on the booze tho,

i,m not really a heavy drinker. i like a drink.. but only every so often. tho i do like a scotch ;)

TBH i,m on day 21 now.. and the cravings have all but gone.

it,s just the habit bit i,m sorting out, which involves having a tab with the drink.. but that was knocked on the head last july, courtesy of "el presidente blair" and his smiling bunch of do-gooding jacanapies ..

and its cold outside !! and wet here as well.

keep at it.. all of you..

and maddie..













big hug ;)

be strong, and be lucky x x x


Aww thanks james :)

And thank you to everyone else. Again.

I think you're probably right, annasmummy. I guess it is the nic talking, trying to get me to have a smoke. It is talking pretty convincingly tho! Today has been awful, by far the worst day and I'm going to end it soon by going to bed! Got sky in my bedroom so hopefully there is a good film on sky movies. They've been pretty dire lately.

Have a great weekend everyone...well done to you guys too. I hope I will last as long as you guys have :)


It most definately is bad Mr Nic Nic.

I'm feeling a bit better, full of the "bad juice" now, hic!

Heading up the road to see my mate, non smoker.She'll sort me out!!!:);)


heheh anna. Dunno how you can drink the stuff. vodka??!!! :eek: Nooooooo! Mind, I prefer vodka to Southern comfort...bleurrghhh Now thats just nasty stuff!

Glad you're feeling a bit better now. I am too. Thank gawd! Still sucking on mints like there's no tomorrow but whatever works eh?!

Have a good eve :)


Maddy, Annasmummy!!!

im up early (too early!) how are you 2 today?



How's it going???

Don't even think of smoking. You've done 14 days without nicotine, YOU ARE NO LONGER ADDICTED:D:D:D

It's just the stupid HABIT you've got to break.

You can do this.

DO NOT smoke and then quit again, you've done the difficult bit.


Morning all :)

Thank god yesterday is over with. I'm determined to be more upbeat today and not let myself wallow in negative crap like I did yesterday. Yesterday was just awful.

I still want a cig pretty bad but I'm trying to put it to the back of my mind. Everytime I get that 'just one won't hurt' feeling I do my best to bat it to the most furthest part of my mind! I really feel that having one or two won't hurt :confused:

Anyway! Not doing negative crap today. Nope. Today has got to be an improvement on yesterday and as such, I am thinking about whizzing down to the beach for the day, despite the awful weather! Typical isn't it? Yesterday was a nice sunny day and my mood was crap, today, when my mood is better, its miserable! ggrrr Rain doesn't kill you though and the day I let the weather stop me from doing what I want is the day I will throw the towel in for good!

Well, can't really do the 'beach' thing. I normally visit Great Yarmouth which is 2 and a half hours away (got a relative there). Unless I dip into the little bit of savings I've got from not smoking, I can't really afford it. So it'll have to be something else.


glad your a bit better today :)

you got over yesterday.......well done!!

take it 1 hour at a time, keep strong :D


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