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i forgot to put on my patch

ok, now im not sure if this is a good thing or not. i woke up this morning at 11.30AM (hangover!!!!). i have been up now for nearly 3 hours and forgot to put my patch on. i have put it on now just in case but i didn't even think about it. i didn't think about a cig. AT ALL. i had no craving. i forgot i was even on the patches.

now is this progress? :o x x

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Thats progress :D but glad you put it on ;)

I was the same (i need to update my signature :o ) stopped them altogether but struggled after a couple of weeks and gone back to the patches now :D hehehehe


Hi elvis,

My friend claire regularly forgets to put on her patch and says she doent feel any different,shes never gone more than one day tho.(we're on the step 2- 14mg by the way).

When we went to the smoking cessation group last week, she told them there and they said that if youre halfway through the program like us, you will be ok without a patch for the first 2 days because the nicotine from the patch stays in your system for 48 hrs but then on the 3rd day you may find that the cravings are worse than ever !!

Needless to say, she has put the patch on everyday since then :D

Keep it up,Lisa xx


i willl keep putting it on cos im too scared in case i fail. im still on step 1. go down to step 2 in 2 weeks.

its the 24 hour patch but i take it off at night cos i cant sleep with it on and it doesnt bother me when im asleep. should have got 16 hour but sometimes im awake longer than that!!!!!!!! x x x


I done the recomended course with patches, But on the last 2 weeks i just cut the 14mg ones in half, half one day the other the next, Thus 1 pkt lasted 2 weeks (canny or what ?) Duno if i was kidding myself but seemd to work for me. Hubby however just came off stage 1 this weekend after not being able to drop the dose since october. I felt the drop every time but nothing like cold turkey. I think the way that works for you is the only way for you. xxx :)


I can go one better than that dossydo because I'm wearing a 1/4 of a 7mg patch today lol


I can go one better than that dossydo because I'm wearing a 1/4 of a 7mg patch today lolrofl ha ha! well why not eh? we should put it in the tips section. xxx :D


Where is Ester today???


I dunno :( I messaged her x x x x

She was worried yesterday that 'SHE' had upset people :(

I have reassured her that, that is so not true, hope she's ok.

She had an awful day at work on Sunday x x


I noticed she was a bit worried about her comment yesterday, I hope she is ok xx


Yes im always forgeting to put on patches to not seem to notice any difference until i notice i havent put on.I have stepped down for the last week to step 2 i havent notice any difference.Cutting them in half that sounds like a great idea also save's loads of cash a great tip cheers.


I have been quit for 3 Weeks, 2 Days, 13 hours, 22 minutes and 5 seconds (23 days). I have saved £160.06 by not smoking 706 cigarettes. My Quit Date: 20/01/2008 08:00


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