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Forced to put on a patch

I am so annoyed with myself because I still think CT is the way to go. I had such a bad day yesterday and desperately craved a cig. I was expecting it to be worse today so I put on a patch. I feel I'm just prolonging the agony but I'll see how it goes. I've been awake for 5 hours now and so far so good. I can't concentrate but no cravings so far.

Going to the supermarket to spend the £20 I've saved on treats. Preferably healthy ones;)

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I don't see why you're annoyed. Your doing great and anticipating the hurdles.

I used patches for the first 2 weeks and still have the odd mini. Use what ever you need to get you through the early days.:D



Don't get upset about not doing it CT. Personally I believe if CT works for you all well and good but if not then use any method you can that works for you. The end result is what matters, not how you get there.

Just stick at it and you will make it.


Forced to put on a patch

Good Afternoon Una as Aitch says "its the end result that matters" how you get nicotine free is immaterial. Personnally I must give you credit for going cold turkey in your quit. I quit drinking cold turkey some 22 years ago and just could not have imagined doing the same with nicotine.

I myself used the patchs and a smoking cessation course and to quote Aitch again "it's the end results that matters" not how you get there.

Personnally I'm now into day 130 nicotine free something I would have never envisaged prior to seeking outside assistance.

To finish Una "it's horses for courses" there's no set method"

Keep on keeping on


Michael, a.k.a:- lefoy123


Agree with all the above. Just do whatever it takes to kick the habit.



Thank you everyone. I'm able to sit at the computer without a cigarette. My poor keyboard was always covered in ash. Coming into the house after shopping wasn't too great but I survived.

The worst time for me seems to be late afternoon and evening which is strange because I always smoked more in the morning.

I'll report back later this evening.


The patches are working well. After dinner I had a little twinge but that's all. Only hope I don't have trouble coming off the patches :(

A month ago I hadn't any thoughts about quitting until I d/l a free app for my iPad. I was really only trying out different apps. After playing it before I went to sleep, I kept thinking about giving up smoking. I saw my Dr about joining a group and I'm glad I did. I'm beginning to feel happy about doing it now.

A few days ago I could not have gone to bed without a full packet of cigarettes in the house and now it doesn't bother me. Lets hope it stays that way.

Thanks to everyone for their support.



That sounds a lot more positive . Remember all you have to do is keep telling yourself you can and you will do this and it will just keep getting easier.

A positive mind is the real secret to quitting.

Don't worry about coming off the patches for the time being that will take care of itself when you are ready

Well done non-smoker, sounds good ehhhh and after all you are a non smoker now.



Thanks H, another day gone and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.


Good for you Una. Do whatever you need to in order to stay quit. As long as it is legal of course ;)

Have a great smoke free day tomorrow and be proud of yourself.



Thanks Gaynor, I'm not into illegal stuff. Hope this high lasts a long time.


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