Day 6 I Got Through It :)

I was dreading this day because I help hubby at a market and the customers can be really mean at times. Well today I got through it with flying colours, no stress or tears:). I'm still having trouble with what Jim suggested PND, I have just finished reading the link he pm'd me and I hope I have found the solution, I have suffered on and off for years with acid reflux. I in the past took Ranitidine on a regular basis but stopped taking it for about a year as the acid didn't seem to bother me anymore. I'm wondering if this is what is the cause of the feeling of phlegm stuck in my throat so I will start to take the Ranitidine again and cut out coffee and see if there is any improvement. Apart from that I'm doing really well with the cravings, I just think back to Monday night and how I thought I was going to have a heart attack and that's enough to keep me from smoking again:).

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  • Hi yvette

    well done you-so you survived the day then!!!:p

  • Hurrah! Its great to get through the first 'test'. When you do then it gives you such a boost! Well done!

  • Thank you, yes it was a great achievement, the day wasn't any easier either we had our fair share of wackos as per usual so yea I'm well chuffed:D

  • Hi Yvette

    Well done I know you were bothered by the thought of the market customers glad you got through with no problems another first out of the way

    All the best


  • Hi Yvette,

    glad you got thru the market day ..

    This PND - if you've suffered with it for years - have you discussed with a doctor ? I read somewhere that around 1/3 of us suffer from it at some point in our lives (that's everyone, not just smokers, ex-smokers, whatever) .. frankly I'm amazed way more people aren't moaning about this after quitting, as that seems to be a major trigger..

    I discussed this with a chiropractor friend, who said that the dairy element was probably the most signinficant thing to cut out (to start with) - coffee was just a desparate attempt by me, partly because coffee started to have a lousy after-taste due to the PND. She said that as little as the milk in one coffee per day could be enough to trigger it ..



    Hi Jim the first time I experienced this was just before Xmas after suffering from flu and up until Tuesday I was being prescribed allsorts of antibiotics which didn't help at all infact the feeling of something stuck in my throat got to the stage where I thought I was going to choke to death. I stopped the fags on Tuesday and I felt so much better by Wednesday but since yesterday the choking feeling has come back again but in a milder form thank god. I will give the ranitidine a few days to see if it helps at all and only have one black coffee in the morning to wake me up, I don't generally eat or drink that much dairy products only milk in coffee. I also have a mild pain in my right side just below my shoulder blade so I'm thinking that maybe it is acid reflux, I hope so anyway because it's easy to treat.

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