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Rant alert

I am stressed beyond belief at this moment :eek:

On Friday I realised my Champix runs out this. Evening ( Mon), so rang the Drs who managed to get me an appointment with a nurse at 12.30 today, anyway left work, straight to Dr, where nurse started telling me, lots of people on this drug commit suicide! So I said yes I know, I have read this on the Internet, she then asked me if I had any suicidal dreams, well being an honest person, I explained that yes, a few nights ago I did, but feel it was because I had been reading info on the Internet. She then stated then she feels I shouldn't be taking Champix due to me feeling suicidal, I explained I do not feel suicidal in the slightest but on top of the world since being quit for 18 days, and said it was only a dream, and I had also had an erotic dream!! about my Line Manager:eek: but that didn't mean I wanted it to come true.

To cut a long story short, I did get quite angry with her, and she told me she will need to see the Dr about this, but if it was up to her, she would stop me taking it!!

So I phoned the dr's just now and have an appointment with him at 5.30pm. I am so stressed that they will stop it, when I have been so positive.

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Oh flipping heck, how stupid is that?

Hope they don't stop you taking it 'cos if it's keeping you off the fags *and* you feel fab surely it's fine!!


hopefully your doc will be a bit more understanding and give them to you , what a jobsworth , bet she made you feel well stressed just what you dont need when you are quitting :eek:


I know Gemma, I have never felt better and so positive. I am unsure as to what exactly this nurse has told the Dr, but will find out at 5.30, if they do stop them, I hope I can manage without them, (thinking positive). Will update when I've been, but if they ask me about side effects again, I will be saying, nope don't have any.:o


What? Medical practicioners can use personal interpretations of dreams to make clinical decisions these days? Sheeesh!!

Seriously Jane, that's gotta be bordeline misconduct and I hope your doctor is more in tune and better behaved!

It's a bit like "ever had a dream about being in a car accident?? Yes?? Right, you must be a cr@p driver, you're banned from getting behind the wheel."

Good luck at 5.30, stay positive (tell them that you are)!! I'm sure it will be fine..let us know!!


Thanks all, I have calmed down after a coffee, and I will be in total control when I go to see the Dr, I will explain it was only a dream and I had no control over it. Hopefully the Dr will be fine, but if he decides to stop the tablets, over a dream, then I will be taking this further.

Hopefully it won't come to that :o


Dear me. I thought I had heard it all when my nurse told me nicotine " was not addictive".....

I took Champix for about 6 weeks in total. As soon as I got to increased level I felt so sick all the time I had to reduce dose back to half and after another 3 weeks and still feeling sick I gave them up altogether, so I agree with Max, you are probably over the worst now anyway. Still ridiculous though. x



Yippee, my Dr saw sense and has prescribed me with a months supply. He said he had seen no red flags in my demeanour, a dream in itself is not a flagged reason to stop prescribing me the tablets. He also said no suicides have been directly linked to .Champix, as in the cases he knows about, there has always been a link to depression/stress in the person.

Idid ask if the nurse was in her Right to not prescribe me them, and he said the nurse has a check list of boxes to tick if she is able to prescribe, but all the boxes were not ticked in my case, so she was within her right to refer me to the Dr, even when I asked if a dream would leave a box unchecked, and he said yes!! Seems a bit ridiculous to me. But hey ho, I have the result I wanted. The nurse did seem a bit of a jobs worth, and I felt she was anti-champix, as she mentioned the link with suicide on numerous occasions, like she was trying to frighten me off taking them.

I was feeling strong enough to carry on by myself, but I think I will keep taking them for a little longer


Glad you got that sorted:) Now onwards and upwards xx


Thank you Becky, onwards and upwards :D


Yep, good news! It's not the referral that made me baulk, that seemed sensible enough, more the "you had a dream so you're suicidal' bit...

Anyway Jane I'm really glad your sorted, now back with the programme soldier, there's a quit battle to win here and you're leading it from the front, position A1!



Glad you got that all sorted. You are doing fab, way to girl:)

Fi x


Thank you, I wasn't about to let a nurse who was more like Hitler ruin the 18 days of hard work I had put in.:D


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