Hi everyone

Today is another milestone for me today I have not smoked 2,000 Ciggies :D :D

Can anyone tell me what is going on the place seems to have become a battle field last night with a lot of closed threads :confused:

I can't make any sense of it but please do not get yourselves banned

Love to you all


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  • Thanks BB

    I will do that now

  • Congrats on that milestone, Mum.

    Another box ticked :D

  • Thanks Stuart

    I feel rather proud of myself today that is a lot of fags not smoked :D

  • Great milestone, but I find the thought of it scary too :eek:

    Well done


  • Thanks Nic

    You're right it is a bit scarey but the more milestones I pass the more determined I become that

    I WILL NEVER SMOKE AGAIN :eek: :eek:

  • Well done,Margaret:D

    you should feel well pleased with yourself:)

  • Thanks Hope

    I am

  • Well Done Margaret x

    2000 fags!! That's two of those big bumper packs you get from Duty Free. Yuk!!

  • Hi Joanne

    Thanks yes I agree Yuk and double Yuk :eek: :eek:

  • hello margaret,

    You are doing bloody brilliantly and then some.

    aren't 'fresh air' and 'taste' a couple of the best rewards from ditching nico-deomon?

    Well done u

    DM xx

  • Hi DM :D

    They most certainly are there are so many rewards for ditching that little b........d I feel so much better as well given the fact that I can't yet do as much as I would like due to health problem from last year I can walk much further and faster than I could when given all clear I shall be looking for some other form of exercise so onwards and upwards

    All the best


  • Im so proud of you -our forum mummy xx:D

  • well done margaret , you must be so proud of yourself.........keep it up .... sending you a cyber big bunch of flowers ....carol-anne xx:D

  • Hi Carol-Anne :D

    I am rather pleased with myself having tried without success many times before

    The flowers have arrived they are georgeous



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