Dy no I can't even be botherd writing is day 21 and the HARDEST day yet, I am just so miserable, have not sat down all day trying to take my mind off the godam fags, but not working, went into town to take my mind of the godam fags but suddenly the whole of the city has decided to take up smoking so came home and thot i'd go to bed to get today over with, but then thot NO that's a waste of a day, I just never feel satisfied if you know what I mean...there's something missing...oh how I wish this feeling would go away, sorry for ranting.... am annoying myself....even the cat's got fed up with me

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  • Oh hun I know what you are going through I was like that it was horride. Not sure what changed just one day got up and I felt I could cope and didnt feel like I was missing out on anything. I had had a slip while taking the champix and realised I didnt want that. I still feel empty some days like there is something missing but it isnt as bad and I can push it away. If you think how long we smoked we are bound to feel like that. It like re learning how do things with out the white sticks. Every time you get through a day like today you will get stronger promise ;)

  • Hi Mel and thanks,

    It's silly really and soo self indulgent. All day I've felt like crying, nearly went to shop to buy a pack but the only thing that's stopping me from buying fags is my boss said to me the other day that my skin was looking fab and that I was glowing.......she didn't know I had stopped even tho I don't see it, it must be having an effect, will go to bed shortly and maybe tomorrow will be better...fingers crossed.........thanks Mel xx

  • Kate - Less than an hour to go and you are through today !!!!

    Your doing good - Ther's no way you would want to go back to day one... you know you are through the worst now....

    Yep it's hard, be strong... and you'll wake up tomorow and say my god yesterday was hard ... but ... hey I did it :D:D:D

  • thanks guys....:)

    am going to bed to get this fekin day (sorry) over with :(

  • Hope you wake and it will be a better day for you..... remember the terrible three's..... this is still a challenging time you are in (week 3 most quitters think of fags 24/7) but soon it will be better.... I think for many it is like a magic switch... one day is awful then it becomes almost easy.... you are very close..... ever so steadily keep moving forward, stay positive, stay committed..... you are doing so well and it will get easier soon :)

  • New Day

    Morning Kate.

    So sorry you had such a hard day yesterday. Today is a new day, yesterday is past & you got through it stronger than before. Every day you get stronger to help you through today. Not sure that made sense so hope you know what I am trying to say :p Gaynor xx

  • Morning Kate,

    Hope you are feeling better today. I know how you feel it was a bit like that for me and it is very frustrating good news is that you will get through it. I still have days like that and it is 15 weeks for me. Chin up girl well done for the 21 days wont be long and it will be 1 month for you.



  • Good Days will Out way Bad

    Hi Kate, Hope u feel better today, days like that are horrible, but u made it through, and it will defro make u stronger.... Keep up the good work, will all be worth it...... Keep smiling Kaz :)

  • Good Morning

    Hi Kate

    Hope you are feeling better today, well done on your quit so far! Those days do get less, you may not think it now but they do, honestly! stick with it and feel proud of yourself that you got through a difficult spot yesterday.:D

  • Kate hope you ae feeling better this morning. Sending you a big hug and dont forget we ae all here for you ;)

  • Morning everyone,

    Well that was the mother of all days yesterday, phew am through it now and feel so much better today.

    Just didn't know what to do with myself, cry, scream, have a tantrum or just to hell with it give in and have a fag....nothing helped, don't think I've ever felt so miserable - at one point had my jacket on ready to go to late opening shops but came on here thanks guys for all the support you gave really, really helped......huge hugs and kisses XXXXXXXX

    .......and to anyone who says you don't get support on here :p

  • Another Day

    Well done you Kate.

    Keep it up girl :D

    Love G.


  • I am so glad you are feeling better :) xx

  • Hi Kate :D

    I'm so sorry you had a reallt bad day yesterday, but well done you got through smoke free big hug for you

    Pleased to read this morning that you feel so much better though and having got through that you'll be much stronger now


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Kate

    You did well getting through your bad day yesterday, hope you got up today feeling bril.

    Wishing you a great day.


  • Well that was the mother of all days yesterday, phew am through it now and feel so much better today.

    Well done !!!!!!

    Big pat on the back !!!!! :D

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