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Here we are...Day 10. Sore throat?

Reached 10 days YAY. I feel like I am over the worst of it and I'm successfully dealing with the urge to smoke every now and then. Getting there. :D

I know the flu-like symptoms are normal and I have those but my throat is a bruised ache, not just sore. The ache is mainly up where the glands are I think, but definitely in the throat Anyone else had that? It's such a long time since I had a cold/throat infection I honestly can't remember what to expect and I panic if I think it's not normal.

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Hi Nikki

Well done on getting to day 10, feels good doesn't it?

I had the sore throat for ages along with the flu like symptons. Good news is they do go if I remeber correctly they went for me about 20 days in.

Strepsils worked for me (other brands available!)

Keep up the good work.....



Hi John

Thanks for the encouragement there :) It really does feel fact if that feeling could be bottled there would be no smokers.

Did your throat ache? Because ache and sore are different and it's the ache that worries me.

The stuffed up nose is something I am used to anyway as I have sinus issues and the headaches, well they can be dealt with by paracetamol (I'm living on those as my teeth hurt too - another effect of years of smoking) but the achey is bothering me. I know I will use something like that as an excuse to smoke if it weakens me to that extent. It is something I am acutely aware of but even that awareness doesn't stop me if I get to that extent of worry. Hope that makes sense?


Sorry Nikki

I meant to say ache as opposed to sore, really was quite draining at times!!


you know your sinus issues may ease with the quitting smoking for months and months before i quit i had muffled hearing i had my ears syringed to have no real improvement then with in weeks of quitting my hearing returned to completely normal it was shocking to know the smoking did that

i dont remember having any flu like symptoms but i am sure its your quit causing it maybe trawl through some old posts on here and if you need to go see your gp


Ahhhh thanks John :) Makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only achey throat.

Hi Boo. I am hoping the sinuses will clear, or at least ease off a bit. No doubt smoking affected them although it is genetic too. But at least if it carries on to a lesser extent I will know there is nothing else I can do to make them better and that makes it easier to deal with.

I would go and see my doctor but he is so awesome and lovely that it's really hard to get an appointment. Plus, he is an ex-smoker too and I have to listen to a lecture every time I see him LOL. Although he has made a rule that he is the only person who can give me permission to smoke and if I need to smoke, I have to ring him and ask. LOL...I thought that was kinda cool. Soooo I will trawl the forums and if I get silly worried I'll go see the doctor if I can.

Course, I am worried about one thing only as far as my throat and lungs are concerned and it is a huge phobia so I avoid that subject where I can but that doesn't stop me worrying and dwelling on it.


Well done you.

I'm using champix too and it's helping. Day 2 for me today and still off the weed. I can talk about it too without any desparation AND I feel good about doing this.

your aching throat--- doctors usually say "youv'e got a virus and it will pass." You could treat the symptom ie lozenges etc and try not to worry about it . Focusing on it makes it 10X worse like anything else and will make you worry more. Tell yourself that years of smoking is likely to have compromised your immune system. You did that to yourself. Now you';re doing something else--you're not smoking, THINGS WILL ONLY GET BETTER IN EVERY WAY---YOU ARE DOING THAT TO YOUrSELF-- BRILLIANT You're giving your body a boost.

Hang in there.


Ive had an achey throat since last night- ive taken some max strength flu tablets to try and get rid! My chest is chucking out some nasty mucus as well- all these things just make me realise I am doing the right thing :)

Well done on your journey so far :)


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